Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where IS my super suit???

computer room to hall to GeoffSo I still cannot find my car keys, our telephone, our alarm clock, or Geoff's cub scout uniform shirt.

I feel as if I've either unpacked or rifled through just about every box in this house but for some reason am still unable to come up with those elusive items.

I know these items will eventually turn up. I just need Geoff's shirt for Cub Scout Graduation on Monday night. Jebus. It has been a long hard week and I am sick to death of going through boxes. I just want them to appear. Poof. Like that. Out of the ether. Land in my lap and I say "Oh! There you are you silly thing!"

Today is Saturday. I slept until 9am which was so refreshing and wonderful. I spent time this morning with Cateringman working on his database project and getting him to think out loud and really format the fields clearly so he'll be able to find things. His set up is a little complicated... he has several different pricing levels for the same products based on where they are being served and what time of day/week they are being served. Which makes things difficult for a database that plugs in pricing automatically to calculate.

I then came home and continued to go through Geoff's things. He and I hung items in his closet, and talked about getting a lamp and a bureau for his room. I went to Target and priced things out. I think I could do better on Craigslist.

There are professional movers coming this afternoon to take our bed and bureaus up the flight of stairs and get them into our bedroom. I hope it isn't a big flustercluck and a mess. Doug and I tried to get our box spring up a flight of stairs and discovered that it did not fit.

I'm hoping professional movers with knowledge of geometry and physics will show up. Lord knows we're pretty smart kids, Doug and I, but we could not figure out for shit how to get that dang thing upstairs. If it turns out that our staircases are too small for a queen box spring, we may be in trouble. I don't think our windows come out easily.

Pray for us.

This week marked our wedding anniversary, and the event came and went quietly. Fifteen years, for those of you keeping count.

The weather was nasty -- mother nature dished up a thunderstorm to beat the band, and all four of us sat in a restaurant in Haverhill wondering if the electricity was going to go out and ruin the evening. Luckily that didn't happen, and we got quite a show out the windows with the dark night slicing open to reveal huge brick buildings and shadows and people running to take cover, just for a second at a time.

I pulled a classic Christine moment here this week too. I had signed Jess up for auditions for summer theatre at the high school. The email I'd received was misread by yours truly, and I thought her audition was after school on the 31st. No. Callbacks were after school on the 31st and her audition was on the 30th.

I realized this at 6 pm on the 30th.

So I called the theatre director, explained our situation and my mistake to her, and asked if there was any way Jess could audition before they start callbacks. She allowed it, and Jess had to sing a cappella because they didn't have an accompanist available.

She did "New York, New York" and I guess she did okay.

We should hear next week on the results... I doubt she'll get a principal role because she's only a freshman this next year. Plumb roles go to the upper class.

But at least she got to audition. It was a close one. And I felt like such a jerk. She forgave me, but I think only because she was able to come in after all. Had they said "no..." I doubt she'd still be my buddy.

Lesson learned -- keep a better calendar.

Work has been good -- it's been a welcome respite to the chaos of the home. Normally it is the other way around. Hopefully soon we shall settle in and returning home won't elicit a heavy sigh and wishes that I could be back sitting at my desk scheduling content.

Anyway -- not much else to report. I'm going to go (guess! guess what I'm going to go do!) yes! unpack some things!


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