Monday, July 24, 2006

New House.... first visitors

In yesterday's comments, Mr. Garfield poses a question to me. "But do you like the new house, Christine? Will you be happy here for a few years? I don't think you've said."

Guess I thought it was a given. The move in and of itself was devastatingly stressful, but I am incredibly happy to be here now that we're settling in.

Thank you for asking, Mr. Garfield.

When I think about what kinds of noises I hear in the morning here versus the noises I heard most mornings there, a smile comes to my face. Sure, it's a busy street and usually about 7am some big landscaping or dump truck drives down the road and hits a bump and I hear its massive body make a humongous, thunderous crash... but I can roll over and go back to sleep if I choose. It stops immediately, it's over and done with. It isn't a diesel truck idling next to my bedroom window for 40 minutes or someone shooting baskets at 7am while they wait for their boss to come outside.

I have yet to hear anyone screaming at someone else. I think I may be the noisy parent over here now.

Aside from the skunk visitor, the neighbors are very wonderful and nice. The people directly behind us like the dogs, and they give them dog cookies each morning, with lots of petting and love.

My friend Nancy lives across the road and her son is sweet and plays nicely with Geoff. I really enjoy her being across the road. And the dentist sure doesn't load his truck up with dental cement at 6:45am with Lynyrd Skynyrd blasting from his truck speakers.

I love our backyard, our lilies, our trees. I love our woodstove room. I love this little loft room where the computer is. Where we had the office set up in the last house was Clayton's old kitchen and it was never comfortable, had no window, really was a no-fun place to sit and get work done. This room is yellow with a blue floor and two sweet little West-facing windows which catch the gorgeous sunsets and bathe the room in glow. It gets hot in here, but the AC downstairs with a fan pointed upwards makes this comfy. And in the winter I bet it will be chilly but I sure can get the slippers out and continue to enjoy it.

So yes. I am much happier here, and I plan on us staying here for quite some time. I think until at least after Geoff is done with high-school. Even then, it'll be nice to have a bigger house to have guests if my daughter and son go on and marry and have children of their own so people have a place to sleep as guests and there isn't the stress of needing to figure out what to do with people.

Speaking of guests, our very first guests are visiting. My in-laws got here at about 4pm yesterday afternoon, and we had a really nice barbecue and visit. I think today we're off to Portsmouth for some sight-seeing. No one wants to go into Boston. Wonder why?

Anyway -- must get back to being social. Brodie slept in this morning until 7am, so I got an extra hour of sleep, and now I feel like the day is burning.

More later.

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