Saturday, July 22, 2006

A post that took a couple of days...

What better way to spend a few moments on a pouring-down-rain kind of weekend than to update my peeps on what is happening at the old homestead.

The work week was splendid -- Geoff's summer camp bus pick up was at 7:50 each day, so I was able to get to the office by 9 most mornings, and I think I worked late three of the days because Doug was on pick-up duty. I ended up getting two full, solid weeks ahead in scheduling and most of the way through a third week. This is good because I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off next week. My inlaws are arriving sometime tomorrow to spend a few days with us.

Another great thing to do on a rainy day is clean up the house. I think that this spring and summer's bad weather is all our fault. I finally figured it out. It is God's way of keeping us home and making us work on fixing stuff, cleaning stuff, and unpacking stuff. And the longer we take, the more rain there will be on weekends. So you can totally blame it on me.

Brodie is progressing nicely. Getting big and fat, and she is really challenging Jack to new and exciting games like "Bite the furry tail and pull as hard as possible" or "Wait until the black dog is peeing and then jump on his head." I'm sure Jack is thrilled.

(now it's Sunday) Woke up this morning to continue cleaning the house and to finish this entry, because I'm a quality blogger who never leaves an entry hanging. Right?

What we ended up with yesterday was:

-Jess' room cleaned and mopped. She did it herself, and her definition of clean is never what mine is, but she's getting closer.
-Bathroom, floor mopped, table set up, towels installed, tub and sink scrubbed, shower curtain washed.
-Laundry, washed, folded, put away. I even washed the comforter, and it wouldn't dry. I ran it for about 5 cycles, and it just kept rolling up on itself and the middle wouldn't dry so it's totally spread out on top of a bunch of boxes so it gets air instead of gets musty.
-Livingroom cleaned, mopped. The only thing I need to do there is the desk/built-in thing because it is just covered with junk that landed when we moved in.
-Dishes done, sink washed, stovetop washed, refrigerator reorganized and stocked (thank you Doug for going to the market) and the dining table scrubbed and pretty.
-Unpacked several boxes here in the study and cleaned off the computer table. I just need to dust and mop in here, because it is dusty and needs mopped. The futon won't stay in the up position, so it has become the default place for dogs to sleep while one is sitting here blogging and listening to Guster at top volume. It's not a bad arrangement.
-Picked up dog crap in the yard with the cool new Jaws dogpoop picker upper that I bought. Ewwww. It was gross as hell. I hate that.
-Fought with the morning glories to get them to train up the fence instead of train through the grass towards the house. Stupid fence.

Here is what the bathroom table looks like, prior to the hanging of clean towel on rack, and stacking of clean towels in table.

bathroom table

What didn't get done that needs done:

-Bracketing the platform for our bed and hanging the closet shelving still have yet to be accomplished. Doug got started on that project yesterday and discovered that the battery charger for his drill is dead. So he got rather irritated. He's been sick, between poison ivy and then getting some sort of stomach bug on Friday. So those two projects seem to be waiting until a new drill is purchased, because this charger is not sold by itself, it comes WITH the drill. Dumbass drill.
-The aforementioned built-in desk in the living room
-Hanging up of some of the advertising that we got from Grandma, but I don't have wire and eye hooks for the backs of the frames. I have to go visit a craft store and pick those up. I could do that today but.
-Putting stuff up in the attic that is ready to go into storage. A lot of it is sitting in the room outside our bedroom, and that is annoying me.
-The Guster CD mix that I've been making for my sister (I have more space on the CD that I can fill, and I'm trying to figure out what to put on there. I don't have a lot of Parachute on there, so I'm listening again and again to decide what to put on aside from Eden and Happy Frappy.
-I know that doesn't really count, but it is part of my mental project list.
-Fixing flat on Geoff's bike so he can ride this week.

So yeah. There is a lot left to do today, and I have to get to it. Doug's parents should be here around 2pm, so I would like to have this last bit of stuff done before they arrive...

Distractions being what they are, I've been having a lot of fun watching Brodie beat up on Jack. It's a distraction that brings joy to my heart. She loves to bite his face and tail and ankles, and it just cracks me up. Combine that with Guster today and I'm not very productive. heh. But my son is gunning to go. He is here with the mop and floor cleaner, ready to roll, so I'll end this and let him mop. Glad to have the assistance I must say.

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