Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm freaking out!

Allegedly, BNL fan club members were supposed to receive an email with access codes for music today dot com sometime yesterday. This would be for the presale for the Fall/Winter tour supporting the release of the new album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me (aka BLAM, which cracks me right up).

No email yet. 24 hours late. Hence the freaking.

And I know it will come. I know we'll all get our happy frappy emails and the presale won't be for another couple of weeks and all will be well. They are probably ironing out arenas and details and all kinds of back end crap.

But it doesn't stop me from checking the BNL official Spout board, the Barenaked dot net board, and both of my email accounts ever 30 seconds.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to this?

Anyway -- I'm still high from the Guster experience, and so cannot wait to see my boys from Canada. I have serious problems. Wait here, I have to check my email again.

Abbey, I'm sure you're doing the same. Every. Three. Seconds.

So last night I was shocked to hear that Fox News Reporter Steve Centanni and his cameraman were kidnapped in Gaza. They were kidnapped on Monday.

I know a lot of people aren't big Fox News Fans in general, because of Bill O'Reilly and others, but I like their reporters in the field like Steve Centanni and Jennifer Griffin. They do a pretty good job.

Too bad it wasn't Geraldo.

Anyway -- this happened on Monday, and I think that he is probably the highest profile reporter to be kidnapped (correct me if I'm wrong) to date. Highest profile meaning Fox/ABC/CBS/NBC kinds of reporters.

I think Fox has been keeping this on the low key side of things while negotiations are ongoing, but still it seems like the kind of thing that people would... report on. Think about how much attention Jill Carroll got when she was initially kidnapped. This has been hush hush hush in comparison. It's kind of odd.

Couple that with the fact that some jackass lying through his creepyassed teeth comes forward and claims to have murdered a 6 year old beauty queen 10 years ago and you know where America's Obsession Towards The Absurd goes. It always goes to the helpless damsel blonde in distress or peril. This John Mark Karr guy is so lying... the fact that any of this made it on the news baffles me.

Dude obviously did something very very wrong in Thailand (hard to imagine getting in trouble for something like child rape in a country that welcomes and establishes the safe haven for pedophiles) and was on the verge of landing in a Thai prison for the rest of his life. He'd seen "Brokedown Palace" and "Midnight Run" and knows that US prisons are a much nicer place.

Dude was obsessed with the JonBenet murder, researched it, fantasized about it, lived it breathed it ate it up like I do Guster and BNL (obsessions are obsessions, true -- healthy and not healthy, where do I fall? hmmmm something to ponder) and he probably had enough street cred to make some sort of crazy claim to get the attention of the US investigators and get a "return to the USA free and avoid Thai Prison" card on the Monopoly board game of life.

Dude is full of crap. He didn't do it. He just wants to not be in Thailand anymore.

There are thousands of open or cold cases of murdered children in the world. None of them get this attention. And it makes me sick.

When I was 13, there was a little boy in Manhattan named Etan Patz who went missing. I remember the news media feeding frenzy surrounding his disappearance. It was the first time I ever recall finding out what a kidnapping was, and I cried every night thinking that someone was torturing or hurting this little boy. He had a sister named Shira, and she shared her name with my neighbor's daughter, a little toddler I babysat and loved dearly. I kept thinking about all the little kids in my neighborhood, including my little sister, who could at any moment go missing, just. like. that.

Etan Patz still haunts me to this day. I can see how people get worked up about JonBenet. The case impacted a lot of people the way Etan impacted me. But there are so many children who are missing and gone. I hate that the media gives this much attention to this one case.

It makes me ill.

Anyway. I'm happy it is the weekend. Let's move on to more cheery topics, shall we?

Geoff has a birthday party today at 1pm and we need to get a gift. It is one of the little boys who was here on the morning of absolute chaos last Saturday. I think I'll be staying at the party and helping out. Just in case mom needs an extra set of hands.

Tomorrow we're taking Geoff down to my parents' house where he will spend a few days chillin' in Grandma's Crib, yo. She's got a nintendo game cube, so he's already looking forward to it. I may burn him a Guster CD to bring with. He's been walking around singing Jesus on the Radio for the past few days, and it cracks me up.

"Mom, which Guster cover song should my band Pie do? Should we do Airport Song, Jesus on the Radio, or Nothing But Flowers?"

"Well, considering Nothing But Flowers is a Talking Heads song, Pie would be doing a cover of Guster covering another band. So that's not really a Guster song per se."

"Oh. Okay, scratch that. Airport Song, Jesus on the Radio, or Red Oyster Cult?"

"Does Pie have a good bongo player? If so, you can do Airport Song."

Good thing that is settled. I look forward to what Pie has to offer.

Right then. I've got nothin' else. Gotta get a shower, get cleaned up, do some laundry, buy a birthday gift, get Geoff's bike fixed (his brakes aren't working, which is X-games cool in one way, very uncool in another) and go get Jess because she slept at the Kaylas last night.

More later.

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