Friday, August 11, 2006

Tarantulas on a Hydrofoil

For months now, a lot of blogs and journals that I read have been referencing Snakes on a Plane, a new movie scheduled to be released August 18th.

A lot of people think it is hysterical, other people think it is the dumbest premise for a movie ever.

Monday morning I was listening to some guys on a rock and roll radio talk show program as they were arguing about this movie. One of them was in a complete and total tizzy about how ridiculous this movie is and how he couldn't believe an actor of Samuel L. Jackson's caliber would ruin his career by taking this role. Another guy said "It's a joke. It's a farce. Don't you get it?" And the debate raged on and on and on until the first guy was frothing and apoplectic with rage about this movie.


I saw a commercial for it last night for the first time, and fell out of my chair laughing at the overt silliness of it all. And I'm not sure that I thought it was funny because it is funny, or that I found it amusing because of all the debate, interest, comments, thoughts and the aforementioned radio guys fighting over it that I've been exposed to up to this point.

Rotten Tomatoes has a series of trailers and interview clips, if you want a good laugh, watch the first one where Samuel L. Jackson talks about how they worked with snake experts to make sure that the snakes would indeed go nuts and bite everyone if on a plane like that. Click here, pick a media player, and enjoy. Lots and lots of swearing in the first one. NSFW.

All I have to say is that the commercials and the interviews and trailers totally make me laugh, preconceived notions or not. I love the Samuel L. Jackson action hero parody of himself that he's doing. I love the stupidity of it all. The over-the-topness. It is probably going to bomb totally because people just don't get satire and farce.

The title of this entry is from a sheet of paper I found in the livingroom when I came downstairs this morning. Jessica had written several things like "Tarantulas on a Hydrofoil" and others which leads me to believe she watched David Letterman last night and he did a top ten list of sequels to this movie, or, Conan O'Brien was making fun of it. I know Guster was on Conan last night, so she stayed up to watch.

Tarantulas on a Hydrofoil cracked me up the most.

The past few days have been a little stressy at work. I thought I was totally going to be fired for some errors and mistakes that were made in the past few months, some of them my doing, some of them not my fault. The phrase "getting thrown under the bus" was bandied about as I wondered if it would be me or my poor boss who would take the hit.

So far, I still have a job.

Suffice to say, my job is detail oriented and demands a lot of careful attention. I take great pride in making sure I have all my shit straight, my ducks in a row, my I dots and my T crosses all there. I do know I make mistakes once in a while, and work incredibly hard to make sure that they are on the far minimal end of things. I take it personally though if I know I didn't make a mistake but there is still a problem. I don't like thinking that I may take a bullet for someone else's error. And there was a little of that feeling most of the week.

I was whistling "Wheels on the Bus" yesterday at my desk as there was a big huge meeting in the morning discussing what happened.

My boss informed me that things were trying to be pinned on us, but that they couldn't stick. We're not teflon, but I was relieved that in the end she was able to make it clear that there were problems but not with what she and I did.

Whew. God bless the boss lady.

I do still need to focus more carefully, concentrate on what I'm doing, stop rushing to get ahead, stop working when people are standing behind me talking (which happens a LOT LESS FREQUENTLY now that we took over additional office space across the hall) and just really make sure I've got all my ducks in a row. Again.

I normally never talk about work, but this has been eating my soul the past few days. So I had to let it out. Like that Cat Stevens song from back in the day. Sing along if you know the words.

Anyway -- I had best get ready for work. Geoff's ready for camp, the Brodie Puppy needs a shot today and I'm debating whether I go now or wait until after work and just leave at 4 to get back to get to the vet. Hmmm. Which to do.

More later.

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