Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aquarium and Zoo (A-Z) Weekend

We got lucky yesterday. The weather held off, at least the rainy portion of the weather, and we were able to go up to York's Wild Kingdom and enjoy a day at the zoo.

YWK - butterfly 4It's kind of a ghetto little zoo, which has gotten better over the years. It is affordable, the lines weren't too long even though the place was packed.

In the butterfly exhibit, one of the butterflies landed on Doug's hat and sat there for a really long time. Long enough for him to walk around and greatly entertain people with the sight, and long enough for him to take the hat off and examine his hitch-hiker. It was pretty cool, and the butterfly was incredibly blue on the inside -- too bad it didn't open its wings for us to take a picture of.

We rode rides, we ate in downtown (kicked ourselves when left the pizza parlor and walked around the corner to see a string of really nice places with lots of fresh seafood. Never ever stop at the very first option offered).

We spent hours at the arcade totally digging on the old school games right next to the new games with laser scopes and near artificial intelligence action. I played the South Park pinball game and it was rude and crude. Terrence and Phillip fart at the end and their fart bubbles indicate what bonus you get.

I laughed.

Geoff and I enjoyed the ferris wheel greatly. And while it was cold and windy the whole day, and the beach empty of sunbathers and children building sand castles, it was a lot of fun to be out together as a family. And we made the best of it.

Today we're driving to Mystic to get Gonzodog. There's an Aquarium there and we'll go to that and have fun. I have a feeling one million people will be there, and it will be crowded and insane. Pray for me.

Then we'll drive home with Dog Three to keep him for as ever long as necessary. Brodie won't know what hit her.

So if you reacall a few days ago I was freaking out because the BNL fan club was supposed to send out presale information to members, and no one got the message, and when it did, there was only one show listed.

A follow up emailfinally came and we now know a few more dates of shows. I'm stoked -- they're doing a show at Mohegan Sun for their 10th anniversary festivus. They'll be at the Agganis Arena in Lowell, which is incredibly close to my house. They'll also be in Manchester NH, and out at the Mullins Center at UMass Amherst.

I'm not sure we'll go to the Mohegan one, Doug is already rolling his eyes at the mere mention. Agganis is way close to where I live, so I would love to hit that one. Manchester is close, but their security procedures are so invasive that they are inches short of a full cavity search when they look for cameras. Jerks. I was in the 2nd row there for a show and didn't have my camera with me. It would have been spectacular. Sigh.

Anyway -- watch this space for more insane BNL fan ravings as they develop. The new album comes out in just a few days, so I'll be reviewing that and ranting/raving/enjoying/freaking out about it as well.

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