Friday, September 01, 2006

I hope tomorrow is like today...

I could only wish that a work day Friday would be as much fun as it was today. Every Friday should be like this.

Jess went to a friend's house to go with them on an RV camping trip. Remember, tent camping sucks in her mind, but RV camping is cool. I will miss her this weekend, but she is sure to have a good time with her good friend, and their RV.

I worked on a project with my neighbor, has to be done sometime this weekend to get it to the printer. It was fun to spend time with him. This is an annual thing he does so each September I'm guaranteed a hundred bucks and a few hours of work from him.

Jess had five hours of homework yesterday that carried on to this morning. It crossed my mind that my daughter now knows more stuff than I know. And will, in the next four years, learn more. She is in Honors Placement everything, except for math. So her biology homework last night is stuff that is already way over my head. It was humbling, but also something that gave me a lot of pride as I went through her stuff this morning when she was getting ready to go.

Geoff and I made a trip to Target to get all sorts of necessary stuff from lightbulbs to laundry detergent and we had a great time shopping together. I got him a cool pair of corduroys, and now I so wish I had the very same pair in my size.

In theory, I took a vacation day today because I thought we were going camping in Vermont and I needed today to get organized and packed.

Because of the impending hurricane, we opted out of the camping scene. I still went into the office for a couple of hours, with Geoff at my side. I got a lot done. My girl C was there and it is always a good time when I can see her. I finished everything I possibly could until Tuesday. Advertising for a couple of weeks out is still to be decided so I figured there was nothing else I could do except for wait. Still, a vacation day used up in the office was a good time, and I got a lot done.

glow bowling 5Geoff was upset when we canceled our camping trip due to the weather. He said we'd done nothing fun in many weeks. So I took the boy "glow bowling" this afternoon after our visit to the office.

I channeled my inner "Dude" and kicked Geoff's ass in only one of the three games. One was his win, one mine, and one a tie because I threw my final frame on purpose and only hit 3 pins to tie. I could have beaten him the snot out of him (okay, by about five points really), but I would never hear the end of that grief. So for the sake of joy, I threw it, and life is good.

I'm enjoying a rum and coke. And that's a fun thing to enjoy while listening to a live Foo Fighters concert on DirectTV.

I hope tomorrow is like today. It won't be, but I can hope.

It was a really fun day, very relaxing even though we got a ton of stuff done and were very productive. And, in the end, isn't that all that matters?

Aaron and Gonzo 2002Other news is that sometime this weekend another dog will come live with us.

Yes, you heard that right, and yes you can shut the hell up.

Aaron's parents emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if we'd take Gonzo. Doug and I discussed it, and because it is Aaron's dog, and he's our best friend, and he's in a situation where he cannot keep a dog, and his parents kept the dog for as long as they could -- it was really the only option short of the pound for him. So yeah. We traded in our truck just in time to go get a third dog and not have the room for him in the way-back.

Well. Yeah. Sometime this weekend we should be getting him either by us going to Connecticut or him getting delivered here. I've tried to get ahold of Aaron to let him know we'd take him... and that life is good. But he's impossible to find.

I somehow feel I need another rum and coke upon further recollection of our decision. Wait there. I'll be right back.

Oy. Okay. I'm back. Very refreshed. Anyway -- I love how altruistic we are at times, but sometimes I'm like "What the Fuck ARE WE THINKING!"

Dude, not the Big Lebowski but Aaron, better recognize and love us forever.

Hear that dude? You need to call and let us know where you are and how you're doing.

Anyway -- Seeing as I know tomorrow won't be like today, I'm sure that things will be as follows:

a) On Saturday, a possible road trip to something cool like the Polar Caves in NH. Maybe Sturbridge Village or Plymouth Plantation. Or even maybe hmmm... Queechee gorge in VT. And then home. Seeing as it's going to rain like a bitch all weekend and ruin any hopes of Camping.

b) Sunday, Getting Gonzo, either by us to Connie and Marty or them to us. Not yet sure.

c) Maybe a trip to Lowes (aka, as my good friend and Geocaching Marine mikey calls it, The Crack House) to maybe get a new refrigerator. Our fridge? Well. It is way too small for our bountiful shopping trips and it is schizoid. It freezes lettuce. Frozen Lettuce is not tasty lettuce. If possible, the old fridge will end up in the basement on a palette as our beer fridge. God willing.

d) shopping for furniture for the formal living room/football viewing room. That needs to be done, as football season begins in just a couple of days.

And that, my friends, is that. Not much else to report. Wish us luck with the dog, fridge and fun situation. I'd like the weekend to not be a washout, and this day be the best of all of the days surrounding Labor Day. Dear reader, that would be the suck.

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