Sunday, October 15, 2006

Breakfast, Woodsmoke on the Breeze...

Points to whomever can reference the quote for the title without using google. Have some pride, people.

Part of me feels we could just live in the livingroom and loft portions of our house now that the woodstove is being used. And then I think, "yeah, right" when Geoff has been up my ass for about 20 straight minutes. Or when someone other than me needs to sit at this computer.

For instance, right now Doug is asnooze in front of the TV and woodstove. The temp has been cranked up thanks to the loving sacrifice of some wood, long cut and sitting in the cubby under our TV set. The previous owner left it for us, and we've rifled through the stash he left behind in about 5 days. Not sure how long he intended it to last for us, but it was a nice gift seeing as neither Doug nor I got around to calling and ordering firewood until today.

puppy woodstove2This past week It got cold enough to want to try out the woodstove. Not to need the stove, if you know what I mean. Friday night I got home from a meeting with Cateringman that lasted until 8 pm ish... I was dogshit tired (another quote from the person who gave us the title), and was surprised to find my house dark and quiet.

Coming in through the deck, the TV was on, kids and Doug were on the couch, and the dogs were in front of the stove. Except for Gonzo, who, we have discovered, fears the woodstove. Jess said that Brodie barked at it when she came in and discovered the first burn. But since then, it has become her one and only love. I think she would climb into it if she had the chance.

Sunday morning Doug was up at 6am and I smelled the fire starting mixed with the smell of bacon and eggs. I thought to myself, my house smells like Camping. Half awake and somewhat dreamy at the hour, I wondered if this was my house or if I was at the house of someone far cooler than I ever could be.

Perhaps I'm at the Hydes'. They heat with wood, and make a killer breakfast for guests. Or I'm at Aaron and Michelle's up in Maine. But Aaron and Michelle never had a woodstove, and they are not together any longer so I wouldn't be at the WindAway... They had plenty of gorgeous mornings and breakfasts for guests there, complete with ocean views when the visitor sat up, rubbing eyes and blinking at dawn herself as she danced over the Blue Hill sunrise.

I want people to come to my house and not mind being woken up by woodsmoke and breakfast, or dogs barking and dancing on their heads. I want to play host to friends who sleep in this room and Geoff wakes up with his waltz-through, but they are able to slip back into sleep as he takes the dogs out to run around the yard.

Want to come stay a night? It's cheaper than a hotel on Travelocity, I swear.

Speaking of staying a night -- one week from tonight we go to Manchester NH to see BNL. I need to figure out what the game plan is, but for the most part I think we will have at least one Jessfriend sleeping here after the show. If things go well, Lizzy and Conourtney will be with us for the show, and we will have girls sleep here in order for me to bring them to school the following morning, albeit maybe a little bit late.

They'll maybe wake up to woodsmoke and breakfast smells.

On Nov. 1st, I may have four tickets to sell. I don't think I've got four takers, so if you are reading as part of the BNL board and you're in Boston -- please leave me a comment or mail me. I will turn to the board shortly, methinks, to unload the 4 tickets I have left over.

Such is life.

That's November 1 people. Keep that in mind. Agganis Arena.

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