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Not Oprah! No, Nope-rah! BNL Concert Review Agannis Arena, Boston University

Howdy everyone. I think I love my new layout for the month of November. Apologies to those of you who couldn't care less about BNL, but heck -- my pictures rocked almost as much as they did on October 23 and November 1, so I figured I'd immortalize them in banner and navigation form. Call it a tribute. Call it inspiration. Call it just a new month and a new look. But so far it is one of my favorites.

The title will only make sense to those who were there at Agganis Arena on November 1st. It's a great inside joke, and one I've been singing since Wednesday. Can't get it out of my head. That and Ed's "sweet cheeks" bit with the piece of sugar glass down his pants. BNL. That's some quality funny stuff, yo.

So here are the big moments that I didn't have time to write about all week.

November 1 - Barenaked Ladies at the Agganis Arena, Boston University
Barenaked Ladies, 11/1/06, Agganis Arena The second of my two concerts on this tour was great. As if anything else could be expected. No one got a detention from school the next day, and a great time was had by all.

We suddenly found ourselves with two extra tickets again the Monday before the show. The person who bought them from us had an emergency and couldn't go. So I did some quick thinking on Boston peeps and immediately contacted Ms. Cynical Life o Shelley, who gladly accepted. And Magickcat had been looking for a ticket all week, so I knew I had to hook a sistah up.

Michelle from Maine had come down to spend a few days with us, including Halloween, and including the show. This was her very first show and she almost died when she saw where our tickets were. She accidentally sat in the fifth row thinking, "Wow. These are great seats!" And then she realized that she was in the wrong row and needed to move up some.

Mrs. The Kayla and Kay came, and they brought one of their neighbors and Jess sat with them. I had a batch of third row seats and a batch of 10th row seats. It got a little complicated and I ended up sticking Mrs. The Kayla with the 10th row seats, and she took the girls. She didn't want to take the "strangers" and I didn't want to give up my third row... so we ended up sitting apart.

At one point I walked back to where they were sitting to give Jess my ticket so she could go up front. She didn't want to -- she was having too much fun with Mrs. The Kayla. I was shocked... but I guess the third row simply can't compete with the funness that is Mrs. The Kayla. I think Kayla got nauseous from the lights this time around. Jess told me she had to sit for most of the show and keep her eyes closed. Mrs. The Kayla rushed out with her at the end. I am wondering how many more rock shows she'll be able to go to with her condition. I think next time we don't buy 8 tickets and we just go the four of us. We shall see.

The set list was mindblowing. They have been moving through with a formula of sorts, and during the middle of the show they play one song from every album they've released. So we were treated to some interesting tunes that I've not heard done live. And they even bluegrassed it up hardcore by throwing in Fox on the Run, which was just astounding with the five part harmony and Ed just sounding so perfectly Grand Ole Opry there. Great stuff. Jim played his huge bass solo and I was the big fat goy singing along to Hava Nagila in the middle of the song, much to the laughter of the guy in front of me. Hava, na ra na na! Yes.

We brought some glowsticks and I shared them with my girls in my row, and the girls behind me. After the show we were going to stalk the band but Jess had to be up at 6:30 for school and I just didn't want to torture her. So we came home. It was a good thing we left ... at about midnight... because they didn't come out until about 1:30am.

The life of a rockstar. Pfth.

After the show I ran into an old co-worker from the CMGI days, and she and I were both like "I know you, from some...where... hmmmm" and it finally came together for both of us and it was a relief to get that figured out. We got to hang out with Abbey and that was nice because we hadn't had time at Manchester or before this show.

All told, a wicked good time. And now I'm incredibly sad I'm not going to NYC for any of the shows. Sadness.

My flickr set is here.

Jess' Play, Nov 2 - 4
David and Lisa - PRHS fall production 11/3/06 The high school theatre troupe is running David and Lisa, a stage performance of a film from 1962 or so.

It follows a teenaged boy named David who is experiencing nightmares about clocks and death and who is afraid of being touched. His parents send him to a residential school, hoping he can be cured. He is very angry, hates his overbearing mother and absentee father, and obviously has a pantload of rage issues. He befrends a schizophrenic girl named Lisa (when she is verbal) or Muriel (when she is not). Lisa rhymes to communicate, and he quickly figures out that he can rhyme along with her and they can talk. The play is at times incredibly intense, and at times incredibly funny. The residents of the school are mostly kids who nowadays would NEVER be sent away for treatment. Only Lisa/Muriel is the kind of kid who would be sent to a residential facility anymore. David's issues could all be handled through medication and therapy. Carlos is just a punk and there is no need to send him to a residential school... he's like any other random bully. There is a depressed girl, a flirty girl, and a girl with an eating disorder.

That's pretty much my daughter's 9th grade class right there.

Anyway -- the cast did a spectacular job. David and Lisa were both perfectly cast, although I found the character of Lisa very annoying at first. And David's rage issues were not explained up front so he just came out screaming and loud and it was kind of hard, but the pacing of the performance and the unfolding of the characters really worked well.

And my pictures came out really good. The flickr set is here.

Halloween 2006
halloweeners Our cub scout pack had a huge Halloween party on Saturday night in the middle of the rain and storm. At about 4:30 it ocurred to me that Geoff didn't have a costume. Yet another Halloween where Mom wasn't focued on heading to a store to make a purchase of some sort of ninja get up.

So I throw the kids in the car, and we truck it over to the party store. Geoff finds exactly what he wants and Jess finds a nerd get up and a jester hat. I ended up wearing the jester hat and she ended up attending the party with us.


Yes she did. The girl who wants nothing to do with "jerk scouts" or "nerd scouts" came to the party. And she had a freaking BLAST. She danced with nerd scouts, enjoyed the haunted house (two of her classmates were characters in the haunted house and she was all like... "Dude, I could have done this!" Yes, you could have when I asked you if you wanted to participate and your answer was something other than "Meh..." Indeed you could have).

So the costumes were in hand, Tuesday came and Michelle did our candy shopping and ready getting for us (God, thank you Michelle). She and Jess stayed hom and handed out sweets and Doug, Geoff and I went trick or treating.

I met Satan on the side of the road, but didn't sell him my soul. And a good time was had by all. Geoff got cranky and tired and Doug got frustrated with him that he didn't want to go to 1000 houses the way he did when he was a kid. Geoff got what he wanted and came home exhausted and went to bed.

All the candy has been eaten.

Flickr pictures are here.

Set List, November 1, 2006 Agganis Arena, Boston

Wind It Up
Old Apartment
Sound of Your Voice
Grade 9
Alternative Girlfriend
I Live With It Every Day
Light Up My Room
Go Home
Take It Back
Down To Earth

Life, In A Nutshell (acoustic)
Crazy (acoustic)
Fox On The Run (acoustic)

Too Little Too Late
Maybe You're Right
Angry People
Pinch Me
Wrap Your Arms Around Me
It’s All Been Done
One Week
Brian Wilson
Get In Line
If I Had $1,000,000


Because I know some of you are dying for an update, there is no new news on the Conourtney Detention Front. It is still scheduled for November 11th. And I'm still going to get everyone together and do the jailbreak thing. That will be a week from today. I hope I don't have another couple of weeks that eat my life, or my enthusiasm for the project may wane a bit. I know once we get in there the day of the jailbreak it'll be all fun and good, but right now I'm just kind of exhausted.

And again finally ...

Jess had gone to see the Beelzebubs at the high school last week and I stayed home with Geoff. The Bubs did an arrangement of Guster's Ruby Falls, which is an 8 minute epic of sorts. Jess just about had a massive stroke when the song started.

She and I had been talking about Guster covers by a cappella collegiate groups. There are discussion boards that say "Enough with the Guster already!" But the Bubs picked quite an ambitious song, and made a nice arrangement out of it. She said they left a lot of the last 3 minutes out, but it was great and blew her mind.

Adam Gardner would be proud.

And I guess that's it. Geoff wants lunch so I have to get to the store, and there is a lot to do this afternoon. More later!

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