Monday, November 06, 2006

Random thoughts upon return home

"Where does the heart reside if not where I lay my head?
I could run but I'm petrified and choose this instead
Again, and again..."
-Barenaked Ladies "Home"

I love when I come home and there is already a fire going and dinner is in the oven. Especially when I'm home excessively late and I know I don't have the heart and spirit to make much of an effort. If I had to make dinner tonight it would be:

"Here, kids, I heated up some oatmeal and sprinkled it with Avatar fruit snacks for ya. And for me? A vodka tonic, thank you. Doug -- you can figure things out on your own. Enjoy."

I stopped and bought the biggest bag of dog food I could carry on my head this evening (for the record, 50 pounds is my limit) and a ton of new toys for the dogs. I bought a ball that looked like fun, and within three minutes of it being in my house Gonzo had chewed it entirely to bits.

Surprised, I picked up the label to learn "this is an interactive play ball made of soft vinyl... not a chew toy."

Well, it wasn't very interactive because all I did was throw it to him and he caught it and bit it in half. Chomp. Shred. Destroy. No interaction for human and canine to enjoy together.

Maybe next time I'll just take five dollars and 99 cents into the bathroom with me and wipe my butt with it. It would be a far more effective use of the cash.

I bought them each a hedgehog, and didn't realize that when it is bitten down upon it makes a very distinct FART noise. No squeek from this bad boy, but a really powerful poot.

This may have to be something that gets recorded. It's cracking me up beyond imagination.

Before I left for work this morning I checked the discussion boards I frequent (BNL and guster related) and someone had shared this video of BNL singing the (US) National Anthem at a hockey game the other night.

It made my day. I like the arrangement and love Steve's voice. For a bunch of Canadian guys, they do my country's song well.

I really hate when I leave work in the morning and I have forgotten one of my 9,001 jars of Carmex. I kick myself all day and debate whether or not I should just get up and run to CVS and get another. But I already HAVE 9,001 containers, and I don't need 9,002, fer chrissakes. So I struggle through the day, and rush home and grab some sweet relief.

I love you, Carmex.

Anyway. I was going to write some other stuff, some more random observations... like about elections and stuff. But it was Cut In Front Of Christine's Car day today so I'm a bit rattled and just want to put on my pyjamas and go eat my fish dinner... So I guess that is it for tonight. Gonna curl up with my Carmex by the fire and watch Monday Night Football. Yay!

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