Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Attending a concert by phone

So my girl Abbey is in Hartford tonight (and I presume my girl CMM is with her, right!) attending the holiday concert with BNL and Guster. And she's giving me phone love. Lots and lots and lots of phone love.

She called me during Guster's set and I got to hear Satellite, One Man Wrecking Machine and Amsterdam. About an hour later, BNL took the stage and I'm listening to their entire set. So far I've gotten Pinch Me, Old Apartment, Angry People, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and a rap where Ed says that he's a fan of Guster.

I feel like I am so there. And I'm missing "House" in order to 'attend' this concert by phone. Oh snap! Someone else just called me, I don't know who. I'm so loving this phone love thing from barenaked dot net people. Damn.

I wish I could hear what Ed was singing about in this one song he's doing -- it's some funny improv song after Pinch Me. I'm sure Abbey will write something in the comments.

This afternoon I got an email from the guy who does a bunch of programming stuff for my company. He runs a ticket agency out of Connecticut. He had two tickets for tonight's concert and I could have taken them, for free... but I would have had to drive to New Britian CT by 4 pm to get them. And there was no way I was going to be able to do that without like ... leaving the office high and dry. I don't think my boss would have understood.

"Uh, Gretchen, I need to um. .... leave?"

Damn. I was close. So incredibly close. I sat there pondering... pondering... poindering. And then I realized Doug would probably be like "WHA WHA WHAAAAA?" when I called him to say "Hi doug, I'm in Connecticut seeing Guster and Barenaked Ladies."

yeah. that would have gone over really well with Gretchen and with Doug.

My addiction does know boundaries. Sad to say. Very Very Sad. But you should be proud of me and my self control. Damn it! BE PROUD OF ME!

Anyway ... I just thought I'd do another quick entry. And you all missed me for 10 days didn't you. Three entries in less than 2 days. HA!

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