Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wherein I Still Feel Like I'm In A Moving Car

"You've Never Sausage A Place. You're Always A Weiner with Pedro!"
-Billboard for South of the Border

Right. Hello. Nice to see you. We got home this afternoon, round 6pm-ish. Relieved the dog sitter. Spent a good hour with three dogs who literally were about to explode with joy. If you've ever had a dog, you know what that looks like.

22 sanibel seashellsI can't fall asleep, because I feel like I'm still in a moving car. So I thought I'd check in quickly and allow you to parouse the full photo gallery of shots in flickr. I haven't added descriptions or further detail to a lot of them, but, they're up there and you can go witness the joy that was our trip.

Click here to go see.
You know you want to.

A quick rundown of what we did, with further details to come:

Friday - departed much later than anticipated. Made it to Rocky Mount NC and got a hotel room. Slept deeply.

Saturday - drove the rest of the way to Cape Coral with minimal stoppage. One such stop was at South Of The Border. Nuff said.

Sunday - got up after sleeping deeply. Florida was freaking freezing cold, but that didn't stop these Yankees from hitting the beach. Along with a million other Yankee snowbird visitors. We witnessed natives in wool hats, mittens, and parkas. It was 50 degrees. We laughed. Visited Sanibel and Captiva.

Monday - Naples Zoo and Bonita Beach. Sat in more traffic than I've ever sat in during my entire life. More on that later.

Tuesday - Everglades City and an airboat ride. Woot! Tons of fun. Ate alligator bites and Conch Fritters. My daughter got frightened by a pelican, and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Wednesday - Kicked it by the pool. Geoff swam like mad. I got sunburn. Good times. And yes -- I did use sunscreen. I'm not that big of a dumbass. Went to the Planetarium/Nature Center in Ft. Meyers. Sat in more traffic.

Thursday - Busch Gardens. Nuff said.

Friday - Kicked it by the pool. Swam like mad. Did laundry.

Saturday - Up before God, cleaned house, packed car, hit the road. Made it all the way to Baltimore by Midnight. Would have made it to NJ if we hadn't stopped for dinner in VA. Will never stop in that particular town again. More on that later.

Sunday (today) - slept later than intended but really needed it. Raced the killer death storm that ate Washington DC alive (according to the news this evening. whatever) up the coast and got home and .... well. Uploaded pictures to flickr.

I also managed to get a better Wisconsin plate for my licenseplate bingo collection. And... I got Nebraska and Arkansas. And I got Manitoba.

Now I believe the only plate I am missing is Idaho. And Washington DC and the US Government plate. Those are extra. I saw plenty of those two in the DC metro area yesterday and today, but the batteries in my camera had died and my cell wasn't making good captures at 90 mph up the highway. So I'll get those two eventually. Probably before I get Idaho. I was stoked to get Nebraska.

Doug invented a new game for licenseplate bingo. Florida has a bazillion tags that you can choose from for your car (see this PDF document for all the different types). In keeping constant look out for me for Idaho, he said that it would be fun to play licenseplate bingo with just Florida Tags.


We started.

I've set up a flickr set for Florida tags, and a flickr pool so others can play along. Because... I only have about 20 shots. Problem is, by the time Doug suggested we do this, the week was almost over.

I got several shots, but missed dozens of good ones that should be in the collection. Poop. Now that I'm up here in MA and I only got about a dozen of the possible bazillion plates, I'll want Florida residents or visitors to join in on the fun. Heh. Debby -- this means YOU!

Alright. I'm off to bed now. Still feel like I am moving so I may sleep on the futon with the puppy. I missed her.

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