Friday, March 16, 2007

5 a.m., March 16th...

"5 a.m., March 16th. Jesus on the Radio, you took a photograph of me.
In the yellow bucket seat."

Based upon their song, "Jesus on the Radio," I decree today as Guster Day. I'm starting a movement, a revolution as it were. A movement whose time has come.

I bestow upon the band the key to the city (not sure which one, but I'll find one). The key is chocolate, covered in gold foil. No! Wait. It makes an excellent Beer Bottle Opener! (for those of you who have read the Guster Road Journal over the years, or own the book, you know what that means).

You didn't have to wake up at 5am and sing the opening lines. You can sing them all day. You can sing another Guster song if you don't like the bluegrassy tones of this one. You just have to feel it in your heart and soul that Guster is for Lovers. Guster is OK. Guster does a body good. Guster makes your life better. Guster makes you smile.

So I wish all of you today, fans and non-fans alike... a very happy Guster Day. Go to iTunes and get a couple of songs. If you'd like a couple of recommendations, I'll give them to you. Give them a try. Play some bongos. Hug a turbine. Grow a beard. Throw some ping pong balls. Ride a segway to work. Get Big Friend tattooed to some part of your body, um... like your Big Toe (cough, it's been done. Just not by me).

Have a spectacular day. It's Gusteriffic.

guster me and ryan guster adam ryan 1

5 a.m., March 16. Jesus on the radio
You took a photograph of me
on your yellow bucket seat.
Its too high, its too wide,
You're so low you don't know
To get through, to go around

So don't look back
There ain't nothing there to see
Was once like you
Can't say I recognize that face
in that picture that you keep

Its too high, its too wide
You're so low you don't know
To get through, to go around
To get through, to go around

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