Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rise and Shine

I wake up every day with good intentions. I am usually out of bed at 6:15 or 6:30. Actually, now that the windows are open, I'm awake when the first big stupid truck bounces down the street at about 5:45. I should be riding the exercise bike. Wait. I will. Stay here, I'll be right back. I'm going to go ride that bike. Instead of saying that I should.

Right, then. I'm done. 1/2 hour, 214 calories, 5.3 miles. Showered. Ready for the day. Geoff hasn't even left for the bus yet. We're doing good.

I am a horrible time manager. I know what I need to do, and figure I have X amount of time to do it in, and then cram everything in close to the wire. Most mornings, I do not ride the bike. I manage to barely wake up, surf some blogs, drink a little coffee and then look down and yell "Holy CRAP! Where did that hour go???" And then I rush to make sure Geoff's ready for school (he ususally is, he takes really good care of himself) and then I jump in the shower and rush around and watch him go out to the bus and ...

End up exhausted by 9.

I want to wake up and sieze the day. I want to wake up, get out of bed and greet the grind with a "bring it on" attitude. I want to play ball with the dogs for 15 minutes with a cup of coffee in my hand and a wave to the neighbor as she leaves for work.

What I don't want is to realize that I burned hours by expending no effort. I don't want to dribble down the chin of my existance my life's flow of time.

Is it because Spring finally showed up here in Boston? I think so. Watch out life, I'm renewed. I am your Persephone blogger... rising from Hades with my seeds in hand, ready to sow energy and happiness all around.

Anyway -- after the Gusterrific weekend, all I can think about is how fun they were to see, how many cool things I got to experience, how happy their music makes me even though it makes my husband roll his eyes. I can't stop thinking about how much fun it was to dance with my son and my daughter and my friends. I think I burned 700 calories both nights just jumping up and down to "Come Downstairs and Say Hello." I think that my legs hate me because they are still really sore.

When I look around the concert hall and everyone is closer to my daughter's age, and they are cute and collegiate and happy and ... something washes over me. What am I thinking. I am too old for this scene. Who am I kidding.

But then I see people 10 or 15 years my senior cutting a rug at the show and I know they're not even Ryan's parents... they're just fans. Like me. Maybe one of them was a Tufts professor. Maybe they were neighbors back in Somerville. Maybe they heard "Amsterdam" on the radio five years ago and said "Hey, this is cool, I'll look into these guys" and they got hooked.

Who knows. They're older than I am, and they are loving the Gus. So I'm re-energized and joyful. I am happy.

I have this smile on my face right now that makes me think if someone saw me they'd think "She drank the Kool-Aid." And you know what? I sure did. And I am happy for it.

farmer geoff is crazyRight, ho. I have other stuff to talk about, not just Guster.

Doug decided that we need to reclaim the yard from the dogs in the name of grass. Our yard is the better part of an acre, most of it fenced in for the dogs. The three of them ran like maniacs all winter long, and they tore ass up all over the place. The grass that was growing here wasn't too lovely in the first place, but put three dogs, one boy and a lot of running around on top of it and the place is a dirt pit now.

The bulk of our fenced in area used to be a clay tennis court. You can actually see where the court used to be. The grass didn't grow in nicely there, the way it does all over the eastern end of the yard, so he knew that this season he'd be out there trying to encourage it as well as he could. We put no effort in last year, just trying to watch and see what took care of itself and how things grew. This spring, we know where needs help and how we want to approach gardening and lawn care.

Geoff and I planted seeds in egg cartons to grow up his marigolds and our morning glories. Last year, I planted four morning glory plants that I bought at the nursery. This year, Geoff planted about 40 seeds of morning glory plants. I may be giving some away. I didn't want to plant two packages. But. Jeesh. Here we go.

Morning glories are some of my favorites. Long time readers know that I enjoy going out to the yard after work and helping the tendrils along fences and up posts. I loved how our fence looked last year with just the four plants and bemoaned the fact that they didn't cover the entire fence... this year they will.

I also will be putting them all along the wire fence on the backyard. I learned last year NOT to plant inside the fence because Brodie dug up the flowers. So this year, I will plant outside the fence and hopefully have better luck.

Saturday I went and picked out what I'm wearing to my sister's wedding. She picked the dress company and we bridesmaids picked the color out of the few that she narrowed it down to... and Jess and I went to get measured and pick out our dresses. Jess is wearing a floor-length dress and I'm wearing a tea length. I can't wear floor length, I'll trip over it. Heh. That'd be fun. I'd be the new flying fattie in the family (long story that I won't regale you with right now...)

The dresses will be pretty, and I'm starting to get excited for this. I made the bulk of the invitations and have addressed the bulk of the envelopes. I have to get some glue and some other thingies to finish it all up with. And then get them in the mail by May 1. That's my deadline. Like I said earlier in this entry, I'm a really bad time manager, so I'm proud of myself for getting this far on April 24th.

And on that note, the clock has spun around and brought us to me rushing around to get out the door. More later.

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