Sunday, May 20, 2007

Days Go By

Yes I know. Blah blah blah no updates blah blah blah. Busy and my kids and husband using the computer all the dang time means... yeah. Excuses. But here's the update quickly, as I need to get my ass in gear and get in the shower and get Geoff out to the bus and whatnot.

boy and fluteLast week Geoff had a band concert. His very first band concert but not the first time he's been on stage. When he graduated from kindergarten (see link above) he did a really good job of making sure everyone in the audience (and southern NH and northeast MA) could hear him sing. Much to the glee of everyone in the audience -- and the pain in my sides from laughing so hard -- he stole the show. It is a memory that goes down in family history not as kindergarten graduation day, but the day of the "Number Rhumba."

This time was hardly any different. He played his flute loudly and with great enthusiasm. At the end of one of the songs, all the kids are called upon to yell "Let's Go Band." We know this from when Jess was in beginning band five years ago.

Most of them just raise up their instruments and shout in a rather normal and pedestrian way. It's always the way it has been. Slightly nervous, slightly hesitant, but they get to yell and they're on stage and they enjoy it... so in the end they seem happy.

Not Geoff. Geoff isn't satisfied to simply yell out "Let's Go Band." Instead, He leapt out of his chair and SCREAMED "LET'S GO BAND!!!" with his flute clenched in his fist, flying the rock and roll devil horns all the while. Looking like an latter day William Wallace challenging the British on the battle field (sans face paint and bare ass), flute weilded as sword. It was a moment.

I thought Doug was going to wet his pants. And I don't think that ever before in recorded history has there been a more enthusiastic flautist. Ever. My son may not be the best musician, but he's got the heart for it. While I hear his friends whine at their parents that they don't want to do this, Geoff couldn't wait to do it. For weeks and weeks he's been talking about the show and the songs and how "Shark Attack" was going to be really super awesome and scary.

This was a great Geoffrey moment, and I have to see if my friend Allison got a good shot of him from her seat in the front row.

We got DVR on our DirectTV this weekend. I don't know what we waited for. The funny thing is the documentation says (at least twice) that you cannot fast forward over live TV to pass the commercials.

First thing out of Geoff's mouth was "Dad, fast forward over this commercial!" while we were watching live TV. He didn't grasp that you can't do this.

I am a little concerned with the DVR action. Both kids have gone through and checked off all their favorites, but there are only 2 receivers in the system so I had to cancel recordings of stuff they wanted to record (I keep wanting to say 'tape' but y'all know that's just not right) because I was watching live TV.

Speaking of watching live TV... someone has got to smack me and tell me to stop watching Celebrity Fit Club and Charm School on Sunday nights. Between that and elevendy episodes of CSI, three of which I'd never seen before, I was up until 1am.

For the aforementioned VH1 shows, I must say that more than ever I'm madly in love with Ant, our host and local boy done good. And I think that he should hold Dustin Diamond while Harvey kicks the crap out of him and Dr. (Hottie) Ian stands over him yelling "This is what Fat Smash REALLY means, bitch!" but that's just me.

And in addition to Ant, can I get some love for Ross the Intern? I don't watch Leno too much, but have seen a lot of his stuff on YouTube, and he is just the funniest and sweetest thing ever. The first video of him and Steve Irwin cracks me up beyond all imagination. He's lost like a million pounds, and he is just cute. Adorable. And lovely. I love me some Ross.

And I don't know if Cledus T. Judd is half as funny at half the size (if you think Weird Al Yankovic style parodies of country songs are funny, which I do...). The thing that worked great for him was he was big like Toby Keith, so it was easy to do parodies of Toby and "I love NASCAR" and whatnot. If he's all skinny like ... Kenny Chesney, well. That's not nearly as funny. To me at least.

Anyway -- long and the short of it is I need to stop watching TV on Sunday nights. Now that I have the DVR..... mwah ha ha ha. I can watch whenever I want. Excellent.

I had sworn off Celebrity Fit Club, but damn if they didn't just suck me right back in by getting the crazy all up on the TV again. I'm not sure there are any more celebrities out there who need to lose weight at this rate. Jeesh.

Doug starts a new job today in ... six minutes. I hope to hell he makes it there in time. He's working in Boston now, and I don't know that he really grasps the time he needs to leave for work. He was still here at 6:15, and has to start at 7:30. I would consistently budget leaving at 6 and then if it only took 45 minutes to get there it would be paper and coffee at the nearest Au Bon Pain or something. Getting into Boston in the early morning can be hit or miss. It takes just one person to screw it all up for hours, making a 40 minute commute a 2 hour one.

Send him mojo and wish him well. He wanted to change jobs and wanted to get his foot in at this particular location... so I hope it works out for him. When they offered him the job he said "2017 Doug is going to thank 2007 Doug, the way 2007 Doug thanks 1997 Doug." 1997 Doug went back to graduate school and got his Masters in Speech Pathology, and I do know that without that decision we wouldn't have this house. So 2007 Christine thanks 1997 Doug too... let's hope 2017 Doug and Christine look back and remember to thank 2007 Doug.

And in other news, 2007 Christine needs to get showered and dressed. More later. Hope your Monday is fantastic.

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