Friday, July 20, 2007

Faeries Abound!

Last night's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream was rained out. Funny story there ...

As of about 4pm, it was still on as scheduled. The rain had held off and as I sat at my desk watching the radar on weather dot com, I realized that by 6pm it would be a full-blown deluge at the play site. I went over to the park and talked to the director.

There was a flurry of activity, the director said "call your parents" which everyone interpreted as "show is off!" Kids started putting costumes and things in the back of my car for safe keeping for the overnight. I hugged Keri and the director. Jess said to someone in authority at about 4:45 "I presume it's alright for me to leave, right?" and he said "Yeah, see you tomorrow. Have a nice night."

We got home to a phone message saying "where are you! We're going to run with the show... come back with the costumes!"

I looked at the radar online and there was a giant hole where there was no storm and rain -- right on top of the show site. Huge opening in the storm. No precipitation... but it was a hole, and holes have sides. The other side of the hole was a huge thunderstorm rolling eastward from Worcester. I knew they wouldn't make it.

But, they called us back so we went. We got there just as the show should have been starting to be met with a drippy fairy couple standing at the gate waving at us. "Sorry you came all the way back... they called it."

I drove to the show site to have a (hopefully) good laugh with Keri and the director, and there were about 20 people there aside from the cast. 20 people who showed up to hopefully stick it out and play through the rain. They started to perform and a parent got upset that it was just ridiculous to be performing in the weather like this, and then she left... taking her daughter with her.

The kids were disappointed but able to laugh. A mom brought cupcakes. Good times in the pouring down rain were had... and a good effort was put in by everyone. Keri thought it was a shame that I turned around and came back, but if I had not, I would not have gotten pictures of the rain out and the smiles and the drippy fairies and everything. I'm glad we went back.

Then we met my husband, Geoff, my in-laws and my niece for dinner. I was asleep by 10. Very exhausted, but still laughing a little.

The show has been rescheduled for tonight at 6pm... and is on as scheduled tomorrow night at 6pm. They're doing a full run through at 1pm today. It's raining right now, but hopefully by 1pm things won't be falling from the sky in the form of precipitation... just love from above so these kids can do their shows and strut their stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

On that note, I must away -- a cub scout requires a lunch made, and my niece is gleefully terrorizing my puppy and I should supervise. Brodie has sharp claws and Elyse doesn't get it that she might be scratched accidentally. Yesterday when she arrived she was terrified of all three dogs. By last night she had her hand elbow deep in Gonzo's mouth trying to get his tennis ball, and was wrastling with Brodie like they were old friends. Good to see.

More later... It's going to be a long day with Shakespeare, and I'm hoping to jet over for lunchtime and get some photos of the kids performing for the little campers in addition to tonight's show's photos. Wish them all luck... erm, I mean, wish them all broken legs.

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