Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron, wherever you are...

Today is my buddy Aaron's birthday. He's somewhere in the vicinity of Portland Oregon now, living and working there. We haven't heard from him since August of last year. If it weren't for his mom, I wouldn't know anything about him. I would think he'd been killed or fell off a mountain or something. No word from him in 11 months, and that's a tad frustrating. For someone such a fixture in my life (long time blog readers know this for a fact) to have him vanish from the scene is rather distressing to me. I don't know. I'm sure that rebuilding your life after your marriage falls apart is important, but I would hope that your best friends would be part of that life. I miss him.

Anyway. That's a depressing topic for 6:30am on a beautiful day, innit? It's been a little while since I've had the chance to sit and write. I think I need a laptop because the rest of the family is often on here, and I don't get to work unless I get up excessively early and start my day while they are still abed asleep adreaming.

We got to see some really good fireworks on Tuesday night in Haverhill, MA. We went down at 9:05 expecting them to start at 9:30 but they didn't until 10:05, which had Geoff in a tizzy. Even though we went down late, we had a great viewing spot, and we were in and out in no time. I'm very glad we got to go. For the past several years, we've either been in Maine, or last year we were in Pittsburgh for Doug's Uncle's Funeral (what a nightmare that was, for those who recall... if you don't and are looking for something to read, well, go over here...)

me and nathaniel hawthorneThis year, while remarkably not as chaotic as last year, wasn't without fun.

Doug and I both had Wednesday off, and Jess had play rehearsal. She's performing in Keri's Shakespeare company this summer, and so we had to take her down to the program for rehearsal, which left us with four hours to goof off. We went to Salem MA and walked around. I met Nathaniel Hawthorne. We went to comic book shops and ate chinese food in the shadow of a statue dedicated to the TV Show "Bewitched."

It was a great day.

As for Jess' Shakespeare thing, it's pretty cool. My friend Keri from college (the one with the adopted Russian daughter, trying to adopt her sister too) runs a camp where the little kids learn about Shakespeare and the big kids DO Shakespeare. There are two sessions and Jess will do both. At first, she was reluctant but I knew that this was the program for her.

They are doing A Midsummer Night's Dream first. She was cast as "Bottom." Bottom is the guy who has his head turned into a donkey's by Puck, and everyone freaks out and runs around and chaos and hilarity ensue. She's perfect for the role and the director seems to really like her. I am so looking forward to this. It's going to be a great play.

My inlaws are coming up from Pittsburgh, bringing our niece Elyse with so she can see the play and see her cousin in action. Which rocks. I believe my parents are coming up for the Saturday performance too. So this will be interesting to have everyone in one place at one time. For the first time since our wedding. Interesting. I emailed a bunch of people, but if you're interested in seeing the play, use the email linky love thing up there and drop me a line. I'll send you the particulars. The performance is in 2 weeks... and the next performance of the next play, which I believe will be King Lear, will be later in August.

Anyway -- I need to jet. Getting Geoff over to his program and Jess down to hers near my office is a busy and complicated process of driving around hell and half of Georgia and being ready on time is key. At least, me being ready on time is key. Geoff is always ready. He was ready at 6:30 this morning. If I drag my feet any longer, we'll be late. I let Jess sleep until 7:30 because she is able to get ready quickly... and that is now just a few minutes away.

More later.

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