Saturday, August 18, 2007

Geoff and Football

I'm in a really good mood today. I woke up freezing to death, the windows were wide open and there was a hell of a breeze coming in. So much so that I would have thought it was October this morning. Not August. It's kind of weird. But I slept deeply and fitfully and feel well rested. It is a good feeling.

I have some work on two projects to do today, one of which must be done and QA'ed by tomorrow morning so I need to get cracking on it. It is a low paying sub-contractor web job, but hey. It's 50 bucks for an hour or so of work so I'm not whining. Fifty bucks into the Shakespeare fund is how I see it.

Geoff's football practices yesterday seemed to go really well. I had emailed the head coach and the one assistant coach that I have had a chance to talk to with some tips on helping Geoff get the best out of things. The coach approached me and thanked me for the guidelines and we talked about how we're letting Geoff do a lot of his own stuff with us not helping him.

On that note, I looked at The Boy and noticed his pants were on inside out. And his pads weren't in his pants. He had tucked them all into his waistband because he couldn't figure out what to do with them.

Lord, help the child.

Doug is downstairs with the DirectTV DVR freeze framing things and going over positions in football with Geoff. Geoff recorded the Vikings/Jets game so he could watch it again (and again and again) this morning. I would have thought he'd record the Patriots game but he chose differently. Not sure why. The Patriots game was much better.

After yesterday's practice Geoff told us that his coach said that he'll be playing Tackle, most likely on the Defensive line. I thought he might be an offensive line guard or something, just pushing forward to protect the quarterback. Or a Defensive Linebacker... but based on what I hear Doug explaining Geoff wouldn't be good at that because he's good at the tackling, but not the turning around and chasing down the receivers if it is a passing play.

Doug is patiently going over all of the positions. I'm learning a lot just sitting up here listening... I didn't know the difference between a Safety and a Cornerback. A nose guard, guard, and a tackle. Linebackers, Secondary... all that stuff. Geoff is full of questions, so Doug is down there with him just sticking his fingers all over the screen, drawing routes and pointing out who is who and what their job is.

I'm quite impressed. So I hope the "fundamentals" are sinking in for Mr. Geoff.

Jess made a Facebook group about me. Which cracks me up. I got up this morning and discovered that she made the Christine Mylastname: I'll Suck a Little Less Today (The "Official" Fanclub) and that slays me. The fact that she is using our new life philosophy as the title. She references the Simpsons and Office Space all in one fell swoop in the profile. And the quotes around Official are exceptionally amusing too. We had a huge discussion about Facebook and how there are groups for EVERYthing... so she said she was going to do it and she did.

Join if you want. I am an attention whore.

Today we have King Lear. Call is at 3, so I'll be heading out with Jess at 2 to get there. Same tomorrow. Not sure what Doug and Geoff will be doing, if they are coming to both or one.

Regardless -- I'm looking forward to the performance but I cannot believe it is here already. It feels like the last three weeks have just exploded past me. Combined wihth how cold it was this morning, it feels like summer is just gone. My feet never got tan, and I am just feeling kind of shocked.

And on that note, I am shocked at my procrastination skills. I'm so good at procrastinating! On to finishing the projects I have to finish this morning.. Cheers. Have fun doing the meme, and honestly -- if you do it, post a comment so I can read your responses.

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