Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Expect the unexpected

Dude. Yesterday I found out that the GES arrives this Friday, not this Sunday. Like, Day After Tomorrow This Friday. How I missed a date in the calendar as significant as the ARRIVAL date is beyond me.

It isn't the first time I've missed a significant date. A couple of years ago I missed the first day of school for Jess. I thought it was the Tuesday after Labor Day, but the bus went down the street in front of our house on the Wednesday BEFORE Labor Day, while I stared at it inquisitively. Then I rushed Jess ready and drove her over to the school, with her yelling the whole time that she didn't want to go.

THAT was fun.

Thumbs up for my parenting skills too, as I yelled at her and ran around trying to find some clothes that fit her.

I'm glad someone in this family is paying attention. Jess happened to be talking to one of her classmates yesterday and found out the horrible truth and called me to let me know. Gah. I'm glad we got as much done as we did this weekend, and have a day or two to finish up.

Doug has today off, so I'm hoping he is the king of conquering the livingroom and kitchen, and then I can clean Geoff's room and we are a presentable family domicile.

Last night, I was talking to my neighbor Nancy, who is also getting a GES (her daughter is a senior this year) and we came to the conclusion that if we threw parties and had more of a social life our houses would be cleaned up more often.

Nancy hosts a bible study on a monthly rotation, so her living room and kitchen get cleaned a lot more often. But for the most part, we don't have people over so we just go "meh" when it comes to cleaning.

I've wanted to have a party since we moved in here... maybe now that our house is clean we can. I'll start nagging Doug now.

Maybe we'll clean it again, is the key.

The great thing is you can eat off our bathroom floor now, if you're that kind of a sick jerk. Go ahead. Eat off it. You'll be fine. Enjoy.

Anyway... we ended up cleaning our brains out over Labor Day Weekend, so there was no camping for us. We did take a picnic at the top of Miller State Park, at the top of Pack Monadnock Mountain, just east of Peterborough NH. The place was mobbed with holiday revelers and Audobon types, and we couldn't let the dogs off the leash and they were unhappy about that. You know our dogs like to run. A lot. And being leashed and tied to the picnic table while your family sits and reads books is no fun. I felt bad for them but wasn't going to break the rules. Like some jerks (cough, those scottie dog owners, cough).

So the big weekend was more or less a wash. And not just of our laundry.

I bought Geoff about 20 shirts yesterday. Some button down short sleeve shirts that he can wear in the winter with a long sleeve complimentary colored shirt underneath. That's a good look on him... he's really cute like that.

He needs pants though, and they'll all need to be hemmed no matter what I end up buying him. Sigh.

I'm late getting myself ready to go to work. I want to be able to walk out the door at the same time as Geoff (8:05) each day this year since he doesn't want me waiting at the bus stop with him. Nancy does, so she keeps an eye on him for me and I trust her... so I'm off. More later.

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