Thursday, October 25, 2007

About the weather

Well, I'm not feeling my best as of late.

I feel like I'm going to throw up most of the time. I want a coffee, the smell sickens me. I'm hungry, the sight of food sickens me. Driving in the car makes me sleepy and nauseated and the minute I get home from work I lie down on the bed and pass right the hell out and sleep until the following morning.

I hate feeling exhausted and not really having a reason for it. It isn't like I'm working 90 hour days. Everything is at balance between work, getting the kids around, football, homework, housework (well, I could be doing better with that but I hate it). I wish I felt more lively and less like a slug. This is the time of year where one's heart soars with all the color and changes. Seasonal Affectual Disorder isn't something I experience in October and November. That's reserved exclusively for Smarch. Stupid Smarch. I just feel like I need to wake up and everything will be much better.

We did a lot of hiking and walking last weekend and it just drained me. Normally it would rejuvenate me, make me feel more alive. But it just made me want to nap.

I hope this isn't what it feels like to be 70. Because here I am at 40 feeling this, I can hardly imagine what 70 is going to feel like... feh!

It could just be the weirdness of the weather. For the past couple of weeks we've had only one or two cold days. Today is dawning rather chilly, but for the most part it is in the 60s and 70s and we're sleeping with the windows open and a light blanket most nights. Very unusual for this time of the year in these parts. It's nice though, to not have to bundle up or find a jacket or worry about Geoff freezing his ass off on the football field (since last posting, they tied again in another very exciting game...).

hiker - redGetting out and leaf peeping has been nice. As mentioned we did some hiking and got the dogs out for a good swim or two both on Saturday and Sunday.

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, just not interested (part of that grand malaise thing I'm experiencing) so it was nice to get out with the camera and pop a couple of leafy shots with running dogs and sunshine. The pictures are up in Flickr if you want to go see. Click on the hiker and you'll go to the photo stream. There are some good ones of the dogs, and foliage, and hills and barns and junk.

We also found a letterbox quite by accident.

It was exposed and basically right out on the trail. We signed the logbook, and leafed through and enjoyed looking at all the stamps... and then rehid the box a lot more carefully. I'm not sure if the last finders just didn't do a good job of hiding or if a critter pulled it out to investigate, but it was a cool find regardless.

We've never found a letterbox that wasn't a geocache hybrid, so that was kind of neat.

This weekend should prove interesting. There is a geocaching meet-n-greet in Lynnfield on Friday that the Cool Librarian is coming up from Rhode Island to participate in and I'm all "hell yeah!" about it.

But Geoff has a scheduling conflict and I'm going to have to try and figure out a way to do both, or just the one I want to do, or meet up with the aforementioned Cool Librarian after Geoff's thing.

We'll see how the cards fall on that one. It all could also hinge on whether or not Doug is up for doing anything. He is equally full of the malaise as I.

Saturday is the Cub Scouts Halloween party, which always proves to be a wicked good time. I got sucked into, I mean, I willingly volunteered my time in the Haunted Hallway, which is the full run of the basement in the church where our Pack has their headquarters.

Geoff feels he's getting too old for the games and stations and silliness, so when the opportunity presented itself for him to volunteer, well... I just figured I ought to as well. I'm going to be a cauldron-stirring witch spewing lines from the Weird Sisters in Macbeth. Better brush up my Elizabethan speech. That oughta scare the crap out of any of the little guys! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Alright, enough boring you to death. I don't have much else to say so I'll try and be a little more interesting after this weekend with some tales of fun adventure, geocaching meetup thingies and scaring Tiger and Wolf cubs out of their cotton pickin' little minds.

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