Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anya Has A Posse... time to saddle up

For almost a year now I've had the "Anya Has A Posse" graphic in my left navigation column on all my entries and on my main page. I've written a couple of times here in the last year about my good friend Keri, how she adopted Nastia and how she has been working on adopting Nastia's sister Anya...who is 16 now and living in an orphanage in Siberia.

For a long time, I've been silent on the Anya topic. Several of you have asked what is going on, where are they in the process. I haven't written an update because, well, there was nothing to say, there was no news to share, there was nothing to write home about.

Well, there is now news about Anya, and it is time to share. And I need to get the posse ready to ride. Here's what's going on.

For quite some time, dear readers, you know that Keri has been waiting for her adoption to go through. Kemerovo had closed all international adoption while Keri was in the process, and the adoption was stopped. This happened to her when she was trying to adopt Nastia, and Keri patiently waited for the reversal of the decision... and eventually things changed, and Keri brought her Siberian Princess home to Massachusetts.

We also thought it was curtains for Anya because once an orphan turns 16, there is no way to adopt him or her. And Anya turned 16 in August. But Keri learned there is a loophole for children who have siblings who are already adopted out into foreign nations, and because Nastia came before... Anya has until she is 18 to be adopted.

That is good news, the loophole. There was still time.


The hard part was the closed to foreigners adoption policy, wondering when Kemerovo would lift the ban... wondering when Keri go back to square one, start again from the beginning of the process, and get her daughter out.

At least Keri and Anya could communicate on the phone. But... it got to the point where the orphanage decided they would no longer allow Keri to talk to Anya because every time she did it would upset her so much she'd freak out.

There sits Anya... suddenly without a word from "home" and "mom." Anya became convinced that she wouldn't ever be adopted and that Keri had given up.

Well, a ton of political shifts have taken place in the past few months, and Anya's adoption is on the fast track once again. Hopefully, Keri will be able to adopt her and bring her home in February. Keri has been able to speak with Anya, be in contact with her, and everyone is thrilled about that.

Keri reports that Anya is not well. She is despondent, she is depressed. Keri has received reports from contacts and friends who go to check on her that Anya believes that the adoption will never happen, she will never come be with "mom" and her sister... that it is all pointless. It is all a lie. It is all a dream.

Anya has been begging her, "I need you. I need you mamma." Heartbroken for her, we know Keri is doing everything in her power to assure her, comfort her, bless her... When I spoke with Keri this evening, she was actually planning on the possibility of going over to Siberia over Christmas, just to give her that comfort in person.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is this will set Keri back quite a bit of money, and will probably monkeywrench the adoption and push it back later than February... which is something she doesn't want to have happen. Again.

Keri has been praying. Sometimes, she'll be in the middle of something and she'll feel it -- the call to prayer. She'll stop everything, she'll pray with intensity for Anya's healing, for her mental health, for her comfort, for her strength of soul.

Obviously, this is a lot on Keri. She wants to go there, get her now, can't do it, can't assure her daughter that soon all this will be well... she has work to do. She has Nastia to home school, she has Shakespeare to teach.

So now, posse... Anya's Posse. Now's when you saddle up to ride. It's not about money right now. It may be eventually when Keri has to pull funds out of mid-air, and I'll call for that then. But right now. Oh honey.

Anya needs prayer. Keri needs prayer. She cannot shoulder the burden of cosmic mojo all on her own.

When we talked tonight, Keri mentioned a prayer circle. An old fashioned prayer circle where people are notified what to pray for via the church newsletter or something.

I said, better yet... I'm so blogging this.

Many of you who read here walk with God. Many of you are kind of spirit even if you are not of "the faith." Many of you believe in a kind of cosmic mojo like I mentioned before, and will gladly pitch in the good vibes.

I don't care who you are or what you believe. I'm putting aside any sort of denominational hierarchy and I'm going whole-hog ecumenical, even all World Religiony on you.

I need you people now. Anya needs you.

Rally your hearts and minds and spirits round a little blonde girl in Kemerovo Siberia, and pray for her daily. Pause and contemplate her situation, daily. Wiggle your fingers and send the powerful energy to her, daily. Starting now.

Some of you have not prayed in YEARS, I know it. Some of you have had your hearts and souls burned by organized religion, but men and women who have abused the power of faith. Some of you are currently being victimized by judgment and scrutiny, even from your own parents and siblings.

Put that aside.

Please reach into your stores of energy and share it with this child. You can do this in so many ways without smells and bells, crossing yourself, kneeling in a church. Here are some thoughts:

  • Set your Outlook Calendar to go off once an hour with an "Appointment with Anya."
    If once an hour is too much... a few times a day while you're sitting at your desk. Perhaps the moment you arrive, the moment you get back from a meeting or from lunch, the moment you shut down your PC to go home for the night. You can do it.
  • You can print the photo, stick it up at your desk, and each time you glance across it, let your mind soften and your heart speak her name.
  • If you have children, when you look at them, talk to them, lift her up in your thoughts that she will one day be home with her mom and sister
  • If you're running on a treadmill in the gym, instead of staring at the tv, look ahead of you, focus, send the energy you're generating to Anya.
  • When you're stuck in traffic in Boston, each time you step on your brakes -- let that be a moment to think on her.
  • As you're falling asleep at night, in the quiet small hours (like now, it is 1:02am for me and I'm writing this because my brain will not allow me rest) think on her.

I don't believe in asking God for specifics. I was taught to pray by some very wise and super smart men at the college I went to avoid praying for the specifics because disappointment always arises when those specific wishes/prayers don't come to fruition. We then end up angry at God. Instead, I always pray that good and right outcomes will be realized, and His will shall always be done in whatever the situation. Let his will be done. That's all. But I do know what she, Anya, needs and I honestly believe God will bless her with these things if we ask. I think these are the kinds of specifics that he can get behind if we all sing it out together:

  • She needs healing in her soul.
  • She needs calm and comfort in her mind.
  • She needs her anxiety to cease.
  • She needs peace and understanding.
  • She needs to be ready to have acceptance in the face of disappointment if Keri cannot come be with her in December.
  • She needs assurance in her heart of hearts that it is for the best and will result in her eventual, sooner than we ever imagined, adoption.
  • She needs the power of the holy spirit to enter into her and enrich her and support her right through all this.

And while we're at it -- I mentioned praying for Keri. Please do not forget her. She has had a couple of amazing answers to prayer in the past week... but I know she needs strength and guidance, the support of all the mojo we can muster to help her get through this. Pray also for Nastia as I'm sure that all of these things are overwhelming to her... there are fears and anxieties and uncertainties that I'm sure she cannot voice right now. I cannot speak for her, because I don't know what possibly is going through her head, but suffice to say that her life is directly impacted, shifted, changed, altered, once Anya comes to join her. Sisters who have not grown up together, who were split apart so long ago. Please consider her as you walk through your day.

You don't need to leave a comment or let me know that you're praying or meditating or sending mojo or anything, don't feel obligated, but I would love to know who is in the circle. And I bet Keri would love to know.

I'm dead serious in my desire for Anya to be cared for, not just with food and warm blankets, but with a sustained spirit. She can't pull that together for herself right now, and I know her posse will have her back on this... in the form of lifting her.

Thanks for your time. It is now so very late and I'm so very tired... and I guess that pounding this entry out over the last few hours is yet another example of how to pray for someone.

Blog it too on your end, direct link to me here, spread the prayer circle. Get'r Done.

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