Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not on a cruise... and prayers needed for Craig

It would be completely pimpy of me to get out of this month with only three journal entries. I'm ashamed of what I have become. But, like my quote from Guster, I kind of feel frozen, tied up, cast in lead... and going forward each day I apply the eyes forward, move slow, forge ahead part. I blame winter. That and being a total humongous fat ass.

Part of it is I am kind of uber depressed that millions of BNL and Guster fans are right now sailing the high seven seas with those two bands and a host of others in the Ships and Dips III cruise. Last year they did Ships and Dips I, and decided this year they'd just skip over Ships and Dips II because it would be nothing short of disappointing, filled with heartache. Opting to go straight to version III, the bands are probably right this very second rocking out loud and proud. Tyler Stewart is filling in for Guster's drummer Brian Rosenworcel as he and his lovely wife are awaiting the imminent arrival of their first baby. The video evidence of how awesome Tyler is in substituting for Brian can be seen here, if you care to visit.

You can also enjoy Tyler singing something other than "Feliz Navidad" here in their cover version of a Van Halen Classic. I hate Van Halen, but Tyler rocks the lead, and they actually sound like they're having a kick ass time playing this cheesy cover. As Tyler says at the beginning, when the fat bald drummer plays with Guster, shit goes down.

So I'm jealous. Meh. Jerks. I'm a playa hater. Or is it "hatah." I don't know how to spell it but I sure can say and feel it.

It's been slow in coming, but today I did notice at 4:30 when I looked out of our office window that -- Jeeze oh MAN! -- the sky was still light. The sun was still out. We're on the upswing kids. Aslan is on the move.

I don't enjoy winter. I've never been told by a first nations person that my power animal is a big ole mamma bear, but I bet it is. I could hibernate... curl up in a ball, sleep for four straight months or until some dumbass comes into my cave to mess with me. I could, if sleeping deeply, slow my heart to almost nothing, knowing that my energy reserves will keep me alive in my tempurpedic bed until spring. Well, I could, but eventually I'd have to get up to pee. How do bears do it, what with the not peeing all winter thing. Don't their kidneys seize and rupture? I just don't understand.

Well, there hasn't been much to write about. I've been unopinionated about everything except for Pinot Grigio and Smartfood. I'm eating a lot of fruit. I think I went through a little box of clementines in two days all by myself.

With nothing to write about, I just kind of keep forging ahead. I'm glad there is nothing really to write about, nothing pressing or overtly exciting. I'm in a holding pattern. How many things am I? A bear? An Airplane?

I'm sorry this is so ramble ass. Let my try and come up with something of some substance.

There is one thing. Prayer is needed for my nephew Craig. He is undergoing surgery tomorrow morning in Pittsburgh to repair craniosynostosis, which is when the plates in a baby's skull fuse together and close, which can cause brain damage as the brain is still growing. When Craig was really little, he had surgery for this, and now it is back again...

While I for one am stoked to live in a really cool country where this type of surgery can be determined necessary and then completed within a few weeks (when we saw Craig in December we had no idea this would be coming up in less than a month. Neither did his parents), it sucks to be three and going through this surgery.

So -- tomorrow during the morning, wherever you are, pause and lift Craig in your thoughts and prayers, lift the surgeons working on his little noggin, lift his parents -- my sister in law and her husband, Diane and J -- and let them feel peace and assuredness throughout the process. He's in good hands. I know he is. I trust that all will be alright. But it is unfun and scary and the suck to be so little and have to do this ... and be aware afterward that ... ow. My head hurts.

Alright. On that note... gotta jet and floss and get to bed. I'm a tired puppy.

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