Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"I can hear nothing but somebody's art."

Geoff is rocking out on his guitar. I think he is playing "He's got the whole world in his hands" but I'm not sure he's doing it right. And Jessica isn't havin' ANY of it. On the one hand, I'd like to encourage his creativity and learning, as he plays chords and sings at the top of his lungs. On the other hand, I'm somewhat with the Jess... and one person's "art" is another's major headache.

So yeah, I've not updated lately. Been busy in the last week. We had the Ides of March (oooooh! Beware!) and then Guster day on March 16th (see the quote above and listen to "Jesus on the Radio" to understand. Or, just read the words).

"5 am, March 16th.
Jesus on the radio, you took a photograph of me
on your yellow bucket seat.
It's too high, it's too wide, You're so low you don't know
To get through, to go around
So don't look back, there ain't nothing there to see
Was once like you.
Can't say I recognize that face
in that picture that you keep
Its too high, its too wide
You're so low you don't know
To get through, to go around."

All good Guster fans recognize this as a national holiday.

And then we had St. Patrick's day. In years past we'd have a throw down of fun in all kinds of ways shapes and forms with Aaron and Michelle. Several years ago we made our now famous Aaron Go Bragh sign to celebrate the event. But now he's far far away and Michelle is in Maine and we haven't seen her in a long time. So I mourn the loss of that holiday fun-ness. Good times, good times...

Sigh. I miss him. We had so much damn fun it should be outlawed. I wish he'd come home to the close coast and bring that kind of fun insanity back into my life. But I have a feeling these years of happy go lucky craziness and photoshopping of pictures up are over. Meh.

So now Geoff is singing "She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes," and something about she'll be drivin' her Subaru when she comes... At the end he says "yum yum." Which is cracking my shit right up. Oh my God.

Now, it's his own very original and interesting rendition of Blue Suede Shoes. He knows ALL THE WORDS! What the heck? Who taught him that? Thank God I tuned his guitar this afternoon or I think my head would explode by now.

Thank you to folks who have donated to the Jess going to Europe twice fund. So far you've donated 300 bucks, which is awesome. Thank you. Combined with some money from my sister I can pay for the deadline for Jess' London trip on time. Whew.

Now we focus on the Germany trip. You can still donate a couple of bucks. The donation box will be on the front page for probably most of the month of April.

People I don't even know donated $10 bucks here and $15 bucks there. Jay gave it mention on his blog, so I would hazard a guess that the people who I don't know most likely came via Jay... unless there are lurkers who've been reading my blog a while who just have never said anything in the comments over time. It could be possible...

regardless of how you got here or how long you've been here -- if you have donated... thank you. Jess will be writing notes for you shortly.

It's funny, but I did math recently (and my brain still hurts) because I was wondering how on earth I could make decent money but never HAVE money.

I realized that over the course of a year, about $19,000 of my salary goes to taxes. Nineteen Large. I know it is important to pay taxes and be part of a system that takes care of the important things like roads, highways, schools, government officials... alleged social security that I most likely will never ever see...

But I honestly don't know if I'm personally getting anywhere NEAR Nineteen Grand worth of services, for me or my kids. I didn't even do the math to see how much Doug pays because I don't want it to really make my head explode.

It kind of pisses me off because I could do so much better for my family with even just a third of that money back in my hands. Taxes piss me off so much so I won't even get started on that...

Right. So I started this last night but opted to go to bed instead, so I'm here finishing up this morning. Today we have a meeting at Geoff's school to see if we can get math help put back into his IEP. He's failing miserably and we would like to see some in-school math support for him. I'm not good with math (even fifth grade math) so I'm hoping that they can help him outside of the classroom and get things back on track by the end of the school year.

More later, yins.

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