Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bake Sale Car Wash

Jess' German club is doing a bunch of last minute frenzied fund raisers for their trip next month. They've had all year to plan things, but in classic kid fashion they've waited and now are panicking. Today they have a car wash and bake sale at the high school.

Fun stuff. Jess baked a dozen chocolate chip cookies and Doug is grabbing some flour at the market and I'll whip up some banana bread and bring it over a little bit later.

I think it is sad that the car wash is on a day that is chilly and overcast. Geoff's boy scout troop tried for three straight weekends to have a car wash and every Saturday it has rained miserably. Today it isn't raining but it is cold and windy and I feel bad for the kids. They're not gonna make a lot of money.

On Thursday night they're having a fundraiser of Guitar Hero competition... I think I'll come home from work and take Geoff and he'll beat everyone and embarass Jessica. Ha!

So yeah. Now it is Sunday Morning. We totally overslept church. Normally our Human Alarm Clock is up at no later than 8am on a Sunday (that would be Geoff) or dogs are begging to be let out at 6am. This morning, dogs slept fitfully and deeply all morning long, and Geoff decided that this morning was a good morning to get up and pee, and then go back and read quietly in his room. So instead of stomping past my room and waking us up, and going to the room below us to play Guitar Hero at top volumes, he was very quiet and sweet and ... yeah. Next thing we knew it was 9:30am and that's not enough time for four of us to get ready to get out the door.

Anyway. Back to yesterday...

make an offerYesterday blasted past me. I made banana breads and cookies and went and helped and got my car washed. The overcast burned off and the sun came out and a lot of people stopped to get cleaned up and buy cookies and such. A lot of them were strangers... not just moms and dads all showing up to make a donation.

I like Jess' cohorts and most of them seem to be amazing students with kind and wonderful hearts. It was fun.

We were packing up to leave and a car drives past with some baseball player high school boys in it. They yelled out the window "Español RULES!!!"

So we all looked at each other like "Yeah Right!"

I said "Wahhhht? If Español rules so much, where are YOU taking YOUR student exchange trip?"

Jessica said "Lawrence." Everyone cracked up falling down laughing, including her teacher. It was really really funny.

For those not from around here, Lawrence is a rather heavily spanish-speaking city. They call the high school "Yo, Miss" high because a lot of the kids don't speak a lot of English and that's how they get the attention of their teachers. Jess scored with her little joke and we continued cleaning up. We had so many leftover baked goods that we donated them to the softball team to sell at their fundraiser at 2pm. They seemed blown away and ... rather touched. I liked it. Made me feel all good inside.

When we got home Doug was "turning over" the island. We have this plot of land with two sad evergreen trees in the middle of it. It is where all the ground bees are hiding. So for two years now we've been wondering what to do with the island... and Doug figured perennial wildflowers that will just kind of take care of themselves and live in rough conditions (it's a corner plot and road dirt and fleh end up all over the island each year) would be best.

He was going to rent a rototiller, but went out with a mean rake and a lot of determination. It took him a couple hours, Geoff and I each took a turn. I went behind him with The Garden Claw (rawr!) and pulled out the clumps of grass that didn't want to come out when he raked. Geoff helped a lot and then the men went out and tossed the wildflower seeds that we got from American Meadows online. We're not sure how it is going to turn out, or if it is going to even work. But whatever happens, hopefully it'll look much nicer than it does now.

Doug also bought blueberry bushes and black raspberry bushes. At our last house we had several wild bushes (which I notice the new owner has torn out completely, which is sad) and every summer we'd be out there picking pints daily to chuck into pancakes or just eat while sitting on the porch. I miss that, and he does too... so he figured we'd start that up here and get it going. Hopefully in a couple of years they'll yield a lot of tasty fruit for us.

Anyway. I'm not sure what we're going to do today. I have to get Jess back out on her bike and see if we can make progress with the learning. Maybe I'll go for a ride with Geoff somewhere.

Guess that's about it for the update...

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