Sunday, July 06, 2008

long awaited update

I started an update after Jess came home and that got totally and sadly waylaid. Then on Friday I went to log in and finish it only to discover that I had no FTP access to my server to update my site. Seems my host had some sort of problem on Friday where all the sites went down. They came back up after an hour or so, but ... all of my FTP settings were shot and jibberish in Dreamweaver.

Not sure how that can even happen, but ... meh? It's all set now so life is good.

Well, picking up Jess at the airport was double fun. I was standing there waiting for her when my friend Carrie walked up to me with this "what are you doing here?" look on her face. I had the same look on my face... what are YOU doing here? She was dropping another friend off as he was getting ready to fly to France, and had just parked the car and walked into Terminal E and saw me there.

Jess was in customs forever so we ran upstairs and got Dave and had a nice time catching up and they left when she got out of the customs area... which they didn't need to do but they wanted for us to have "that time." Which is sweet of them.

It was one of those incredibly random things that I love that happen to me a lot. I always run into people I know places... like running into people at lunch in Marblehead. People I haven't seen in 10,000 years.

Jess was incredibly hyper upon arrival and buzzed the whole way home with OMG mom! stories that cracked me up. It was 5am their time by the time she went to bed. I really anticipated that she'd sleep until nightfall the following day.

Doug had taken the next day off to hang out with her, but morning came and she was dressed and ready to go to the island to camp. I was shocked that she was up and raring to go... and Doug was disappointed that she was leaving him. I didn't take the day off because I had to take Geoff down to camp anyway, so he was flying solo.

Poor guy. He got over it quickly though.

She was thoroughly embraced and adored upon arrival at the island, and it almost made me cry. It was wonderful to see people who love her flocking at her and mobbing her. I'm sure that she had a wonderful time with the folks in Germany, and I know that she loves us... but this is different. This is soulmate territory. This is like-kinded in such a way that I hope she never loses these connections.

Welcome home, Jess.

Geoff is doing well with camp. He has his lines memorized and on July 19th and 20th are the performance dates. I don't know if they are doing two casts the way they usually do, or just one this year... but he is settled into his part and is enjoying the experience.

Oh -- by the way. We're doing a fundraiser thing between the two performances on July 19th if you're in the area and would like to come support Rebel, kids in theatre, and Winter Island... $20 donation and sponsors ($100 minimum) are welcome. Cocktails, wine, cheese, canapes, and perhaps some monologues from alumni and current students will be thrown in the mix. It'll probably start at 4pm, so if you come to the 2pm production of Henry V (and watch my son die a horrible death by hanging!) you can nosh afterwards. If you miss the first performance, you can come for the fundraiser and stay for the second (and watch my son die a horrible death by hanging). A good time to be had by all.

I spent most of my July 4th holiday weekend busting my ass cleaning my house. Jess' friend Lizzy decided while Jess was away that we needed to have a party for her when she got home, so we picked today.

Doug, Jess and I all made a hell of an effort and the place looks great. I think we need to schedule a party every month just to guarantee that the place gets cleaned this well. It looks great.

Either that, or I totally need to hire someone to do this because man alive it is no fun to clean.

Anyway... I invited about 15 people and only six have shown, which irritates me because when people SAY they are coming and then don't... well, feh. Whatever.

The six that are out there are having an uproriously good time, and so far Jack has only stolen the Badminton shuttlecock once. And everyone seems to be getting along, even those who don't know one another. It's very nice.

Doug bought the badminton set the other day on a lark, thinking that it would be nice to have the party guests doing something, seeing we don't have a pool or anything. He and Jess set it up last night and we played as a family, boys vs. girls, just the four of us. Geoff called his team (comprised of him and Doug) "Fat Guys with Glasses." He named my time (comprised of Jess and myself) "Mrs. Geigers." The phone rang while we were playing and Geoff said "the phone's ringing, mom." And I hit the shuttlecock and said "let it." We had a good time until the mosquitoes found us.

Pentax Spotomatic CameraOh -- and I totally meant to update you on the Pentax Camera that I got off of freecycle.

First of all -- the woman is amazing. She shared her father's award winning photo with me that he took with this camera. She got all new batteries and two rolls of film for me. She showed me how to load the camera and took a couple of sample shots. It came with four lenses. Some of which I have no idea what they do. On the whole -- it is amazing. I have been having a blast playing with focus and DOF and settings and all kinds of stuff and have just a couple of shots left in the camera to use before getting both rolls developed.

The weird thing is -- there is a bug inside the camera. A dead bug. I cannot get it out for the life of me. I see it in every photo, every time I change lenses, every time I plot out a photo to take... I have to take it in somewhere to get it cleaned.

But, for the most part... holy cow I'm having a blast. The lenses screw into place and they're just awesome. I'm in love. I love this camera. I can't wait to see the film and can't wait to share it with you.

And on that note, I'm going to head back outside and watch kids play, and get the grill started. We have way too much food... but that's okay. It's better to have too much than too little. And who knows, maybe a few more folks will show up later.

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