Friday, August 08, 2008

Camp Grandma

I didn't intend for a whole week to pass but that is sometimes the thing that happens. I worked a lot this week, helped out with some stuff for professor CM, and that was amazing and fun and so rejuvenating to me. I had forgotten how smart and creative I am. I haven't worked with CM for a long time so it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to help him out with his workshops. I enjoyed it to the core of my soul.

I spent time with Jess goofing around. Having just her and me in the house made for a very different dynamic. We kidnapped one of her "Romeo & Juliet" directors and took him up to the castle in Haverhill where we will be doing the play later this month so he could see it and start thinking wicked thoughts about staging and blocking and the like. He's up to no good in a good theatre sort of way, and it will make it an amazing event. Mwah ha ha ha.

We went out to dinner and he invited another person from the program from when he was a student. I was a little wary of meeting someone new but something just clicked with me and this guy. And I adored him instantly. Amazing. Fun. What a fun time.

I intended to do amazingly productive things with my week free of Doug and Geoff but the only thing I did was clean out the recycling and get the bottles ready to go to return redemption. And I 99% finished a web form that was making me have kittens (thank you Peter Wood for your help) and have gotten it to the point where it is running but I have some tweeeeeeking to do to make it perfect. That'll hopefully happen this week.

In the last entry, I'd mentioned that Geoff had nowhere to go and nothing to do for the next three weeks until school starts. Because he refused to do Rebel again (he says it conflicts with Football, whereas I say it does not) he puts me in a position where I cannot just leave him home alone all day. So I have to find somewhere for him to go.

My mother, God bless her, agreed to have him come stay again. I call it Camp Grandma. He calls it "Suffocating to death in Old People Land." He is a little ingrate and I could smack him... but he doesn't like being the ONLY kid in the neighborhood and he gets bored easily. My mom pointed out that the water park nearby is open, and she'll take him there, if he's good. I told him that and he shut right up. So hopefully that'll make it better. We also started giving him an allowance for doing things here in the house. He was sad because he would not receive his allowance because he wouldn't be HERE to do his jobs. I told him that he needed to work it out with Grandma -- that I'm sure she can find things for him to do to earn a dollar a day, and we'll pay him for it when he gets home.

Knowing how to spin shit to this kid is key. I always feel like I have to sneak in the back way in explaining stuff to him to get him to do it. And sometimes it works, other times it turns into a ten day negotiation battle with lawyers and industrial labor relations representatives and closed door meetings and shady deals... resulting in a stalemate.

So long and the short of it is, one week at Camp Grandma and then after that I have no idea again. I'm stressing out. He has to stay close to home because football practice starts a week from tomorrow, so it isn't like I can send him back to Camp Grandma or to Pennsylvania or anywhere ... so I'm at a loss. meh.

The other big news is that Doug and Geoff had a great time at camp and fun was had by all. Which was an answer to prayer, because I somewhat envisioned him pulling up into the driveway, pushing Geoff out the door, and going to the pub to get shitty drunk after a week with The Boy.

Doug came home all fired up because he enjoyed himself so much. Geoff behaved wonderfully, and he didn't get into any arguments or do anything epically wrong or stupid. He did two things that were kind of WTF moments. But they weren't show stoppers or anything that would go down in history as the "Oh My GOD you guys do you remember when Geoff..." kinds of things that I imagined he'd get into.

Well -- we're on our way out. I have to finish up getting him ready and go brush my teeth so I don't have dragon breath. More later.

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