Friday, August 22, 2008

Romeo and Juliet tour BEGINS!!!

"We started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy!"
-Milhouse Van Houten

Good morning everyone, this'll be a short one as I have to get in the shower, load the car, get the girl... Today is the first day of the R&J tour, kicking off in Beverly MA at 1pm. I broke down last night and bought a camera to document the even with. A nice shiny new Sony Cybershot semi-fancypants camera with features I don't even know how to use yet. Gotta figure them out on the fly, I guess.

I also spent 75 bucks on a digital camera for Geoff. It is a simple camera, nothing fancy, but hopefully he learned lessons from when he lost mine and now will be a more responsible steward of properties.

Anyway -- expect little bursts of updatey goodness from me over the next several days. Today we have Beverly Common and the Salem Athenaeum. Tomorrow morning it is Mary Jane Lee park in Salem followed by the big Marblehead show at Ft. Sewall.

Sunday at 1pm is Lynn Woods. If you are at all inclined to come to a show, dear reader from the area --this is the one. The Lynn Woods rose garden is easily found off of Rte 1 if you're coming up from Boston. Take the Walnut Street Exit off of Rte 1, follow Walnut Street past the pond and on your left after the pond ends, the 2nd left is Pennybrook Road. If you're coming from the north, it's a little harder to get to because I do not think there is a Walnut street exit off of Rte 1 as you're heading south. You have to take rte 129 and drive around the Lynn Woods into Wyoma Square to get over to a road that takes you to Walnut street... You can punch "Pennybrook Road, Lynn MA" into to get your route if you like.

The garden is gorgeous and amazing... one of the rebel dads went to the site to check it out and called me from there, insisting that it was by far the coolest spot, and he hoped that dozens of people come to soak this show up.

Sunday at 5 they are in Derby Square at old Town Hall in Salem MA. This will be an interesting show.

Monday is a day off for the kids.

Tuesday at 1 we're at the Senior Center in Salem. A huge room that I hope is filled with Seniors. Tuesday night at 6pm we're at the Palmer Cove baseball field in Salem, under the lights, on the diamond. It'll be amazing.

Wednesday we're in Newburyport at Moseley Woods. You far northern types should take a half day and come down... and then at 5pm on Wednesday we're at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill. A Castle. And Shakespeare. How awesome.

salem news - lifestyle cover storySo yeah. All the info is on the webpage if you want directions, a cast list (so you know when Jess is the nurse and you can come see her in all her awesomeness!)

And you can see the feature article written on the company in yesterday's Salem News.

I'm outta here. Gotta shower fast and get going. I've pissed away an hour so far figuring out how to turn the sound off on my camera so it doesn't make all kinds of stupid noise when I turn it off and on! Times A Wastin'... so ....

more later. Wish us luck. Wish us a nice big fat audience. Wish us well. Thanks for your support (and for putting up with my lack of blogging and still coming back to visit.

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