Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Geoff's Birthday

I am finding it hard to believe my son will be 12 tomorrow. For his birthday it looks like he's getting a category four kill storm with ice, snow, freezing rain, sleet and more ice. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture. Happy freaking Birthday.

adventure pigs and geoffSeeing as his birthday is horribly overshadowed by the holidays, and I have absolutely no get up and go to pull together a party, it looks like we'll do laser tag with a few friends, come back here for some pizza and guitar hero, and rock out.

He seems perfectly happy with that plan. I just hope it isn't too late to pull a couple friends together for such a shindig. So happy birthday to the little dude. Who isn't so little any more. I'm now pretty much the shortest person in my family, aside from the dogs. It humbles me.

And, lest I forget -- Happy Birthday Amy. Huzzah for your trip 'round the sun as well.

Beverly First Night 7Well, the new year came and went. Photos from our activities are located here in the flickr account if you're so inclined.

I had organized the Rebels to do a stint at the First Night celebrations in a nearby town. There was a blizzard going on, and when we got there it was 20 degrees with a bitter wind.

Our outdoor activities were a total wash out. So when it came time to move inside we hoped for something good. We had two spectators in the audience, and 10 Rebels performing. I didn't think it was a washout, because the kids had so much fun together. The two audience members seemed to really like it. I really enjoyed seeing their choices of scenes, monologues and sonnets... and when all was said and done it was a nice thing for them to do, it got us on the Radar Screen for the First Night people, and hopefully a lot better of a slot for next year (and better weather).

Beverly First Night 39After the kids were all picked up or carpooled out to their new year's eve part two, we decided to stick around and check out the festivities. Normally, there are several hundred people there, but all told I bet there weren't more than 200 spectators.

They do a "New Years In Paris" countdown for 7pm, and drop beach balls out onto the street below. It's all for the kiddies, obviously, and I was keen to just watch and check it out. It was brutally freaking cold out there, and the temperature was dropping by the minute. They did the ball drop 10 minutes early, because there was really no sense in waiting and torturing all the little kids.

The beachballs were dropped down to the street below and went from room temperature to ... 18 degrees. They just kind of... plopped when they landed. The air within just deflating the balls, and the plastic became stiff and cracked. We managed to salvage two, so we have a memento from the event. Like I said, hopefully better weather next year.

We came home, late for our drunkening, and watched the ball drop and mocked all that is the annual coverage of this event on TV. We watched Spanish TV, which was highly entertaining even though we couldn't understand 90% of what was being said. All four of us marked the new year together here at home and it was a really nice wrap up to the holiday season.

Happy New Year, everyone.

After recovering from the freezing cold of New Years eve, we helped our friends move up in Maine this past weekend. I think we've done this three or four times now. They have moved a bunch, and they have a bunch of kids (six) and a total bunch of stuff.

My roommate from college and her husband were there to help with the move, and it was tons of fun, even though moving rarely ever is. It was nice to be with them, seeing as we suck at going out to where they live.

I had a good two hours with their number four child, who was born on Doug's birthday a short six years ago at the end of this month. I really dig this kid, and we had a tremendously fun time.

geoff and pete insideGeoff was actually very helpful.

Usually he thinks moving day for the Hydes is just time for him to play with Peteman and the other kids, but he settled in to being a good helper, and even got to ride in the big truck with Mr. Hyde and talk about football.

He really really wanted to ride in the big truck. I mean, really.

I love where they've moved into. It's an in-town location with all kinds of cool restaurants, bookstores, shops... a real lively downtown right outside their door. And they are less than a mile from the ocean. Once they're settled in, I look forward to chillaxing there with them. And having some more Nathan time.

The following day we had kind of a mini-college reunion.

A good friend from College, that I've recently reconnected on Facebook, was in town, and it was decided that we should have dinner. An impromptu party was thrown together in Newburyport at the Grog. My two roommates, Bonnie and Laurel, and their husbands, our friend Mark and his wife, and another friend Eric and his daughter, Doug and I, all gathered and had a lot of really good laughs and a good meal.

I sometimes can't believe that 20 years have passed since I've seen Mark, but ... wow. Yeah. It has been that long. It feels like a lot less.

There were a couple of people missing, and it would have been magic if everyone from our little Back In The Day circle could have been there. We have been trying to find our friend Paul and reconnect with him, but he's being evasive and that's sad. I know where he is, but really get the message that his silence means he doesn't want to reconnect, which is okay. I can honor that... but I wish he wouldn't be that way. I love and miss him. And I didn't invite Steve and Elissa because she's preggers, and I figured she may not want to schlep out on a weekend in freezing freaking cold January right after the holidays. I know when I was pregnant that schlepping out when I could be relaxing was often not preferred. So I left them off the invite list. I probably should have given them the choice, but it was a thrown together thing at the last minute and I just didn't.

I felt sorry for Mark's wife and Bonnie's husband having to sit there and listen to us babble about the Back In The Day days. But there was a lot of non-college history talk, and some really insanely wacky clairvoyant stuff that we threw down on some lady walking by named Nancy.

Good times, y'all.

Anyway. That's the big wrap up and update. I didn't make any new year's resolutions, but how about I try and write more? See how I make out with that and how long it is before I break THAT promise. Heh.

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