Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruin an American Woman's LIFE!

A couple of weeks have passed, dear reader, and yes, once again I've left you hanging. We've been busy, and life is good. There isn't anything super really important to share. Which makes me feel really boring in general. I'll let you know the rundown of some of the events we've had going on over here at the way out inn.

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Jess had her spring musical and it went incredibly well. Three shows, two of them sold out. It was a smash hit. Jess stole the show... and there is video and there are photos a plenty.

Check out the gallery, gallery checker outers.

I was exceptionally proud of them because most musicals are flat out lame. The kids did this one ("Bye Bye Birdie") to the letter, with exceptional choreography and drop dead comedic performances. I went to all three shows and died laughing each time. It's helpful when you KNOW the kids... and you can appreciate their performances, but there were people there from away, and people who were there just to see a musical. To see an absolutely packed house was such a joy.

They did a great job and I'm proud to know all of them.

Here is Jess' amazing and shining comedic moment as Mae Peterson. Enjoy.

Geoff has been doing really well over the past several weeks.

We had a series of meetings with his school about things and a new behavior plan is in place for him. Each day I receive notification as to how his behavior was, and he gets to self-evaluate twice a day to check in and see how he's doing. When I receive notification about things that we need to go over, he is receptive to talking about what he did wrong and better yet, what he could do better the next time.

He seems to be responding well to the new behavior plan.

Geoff recently confessed to me that he wishes every day was Boy Scout meeting day. "Boy Scouts is my life" he tells me. I'm kind of happy for that. He's found something that he LOVES and looks forward to. Whenever there is a Boy Scouts related event he's all over it. It has forced me to be more involved, resulting in me taking 6 hours of advanced leader training and possibly becoming the troop chaplain.

Yes. I said troop chaplain.

I suggested that we look into doing the God and Country program with the kids, and then suggested I'd be the one to help them with the process, which would make me the troop chaplain. Committee needs to vote on it, but for the most part, I'm feeling that it would be a good thing for me. And them. Geoff included.

In troop news, we got a new Eagle Scout!

Remember a few months ago I told you about helping our Eagle with his project. He finished his project and went on his board of review, and passed. So our troop gets a new Eagle and I cannot wait for his Court of Honor. I'm crazy in love mad about this kid, totally enjoy his company and adore his family. He's my hero. I'm proud of him. The Court of Honor will be a blast, complete boy scout mayhem, and life will be good. I can't wait for Geoff to see it, because he knows how hard J worked for his rank advancement, and says that he wants to be an Eagle too. Our troop has four Life Scouts who right now have their projects organized and going to the board of review so we could have five Eagles by the end of this year if things work out right. Which is amazing.

That, my friends, is about the update. I've got a major cold and just took a pantload of PM cold medicine and 2 glasses of wine, so I think I ought to not be blogging much anymore. Not much else to tell, just wanted to make those who wonder if I'm alive or not happy.

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