Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Waxing Desperate with Imagination...

So June had one entry. I'm thinking July will have more. At least only because Rebel is running, and I'll have a tour to recap for myself and posterity's sake at the end of the month. I cannot really believe nearly 11 months have gone by since the Romeo and Juliet Tour of last August. The year went fast; and right now it feels like days just rush past with so much to do, and so little time to get things done!

I'm working on the tour again, and have lined up some pretty amazing sites to perform at.

If you are in the greater Boston Area, and you're interested in attending, do let me know. I can point you towards the shows which run from Boston to Arlington to Newburyport and other points between July 17-26.

One that I am truly looking forward to is at George's Island in the Boston Harbor Islands National Parks Service. I had to secure that spot back in January, started talking to them right after Romeo and Juliet wrapped. The location is really cool, and the only request I have to God Himself is that the weather around here improve.

A few months ago I stole one of the students to take pictures of him for press for the NPS, which they ended up not using. And he ended up cast as Hamlet.


We have a male and a female Hamlet, so I have to take the girl's photos on Sunday and put together media and posters and get them out in a really timely fashion.

Jess enlisted two of her classmates from High School into doing Rebel with her. Which is fantastic. They are both unique and interesting guys, and I have been driving them down with us in the morning and back home at night. An hour in the car each way. And they don't shut up. I mean honestly. They talk the whole way. Especially one of them. He is a laugh riot but wears me out. I feel like I need a large bottle of wine when I'm done spending time with him. Hmmmm. Funny, he kind of reminds me of Geoff. ha!

He calls me mamma, and Jess is sister. He is enamored of Russia and WWII and Nazi Germany. He is very intense and opinionated, as many 17 year old boys are. Nearly 17. His birthday is on the tour.

So in mentioning the weather, we've been trapped in some sort of nightmare of a weather system where for nearly 21 days it has rained, been cloudy, been cloudy and rained, thundered, and oh, the sun peeked through but then went away and it rained more. Last Saturday night I had a party for Jess (late birthday/what the heck party) that we had to postpone a week because it was forecasted that it was going to thunder and lightning all day. It just ended up being cloudy and gloomy, we could have had the party but meh.

Lucky for me, the same thing happened and it was just cloudy and gloomy. The rain held off until after 11pm. We did sit in the yard by my brand new fire pit (unused since Saturday because it has done nothing but rain since, and I bet it's all rusted out now. Grrr) and we watched a wall of fog slowly creep south down our street and literally stop at the corner at the end of my driveway.

"Did you see that?" one of the kids asked me. Yup. I sure did. Thank you God for keeping the rain away, and the fog.

Whew. We squeezed in an epic party, where that fire pit raged outside and Guitar Hero raged inside. People came and went between scenes, and we even made hobo pies in the hobo pie makers.

It was a really fun and amazing party. Jess combined her groups of friends, from school and Rebel, and all told it was an amazingly fun mix. There may be a love connection too, but sssshhhhhh, I didn't say that. heh. Hamlet and his mom and little sister were here, and they stayed for the whole shebang. It was so much fun to spend time with Hamlet's mom, I don't get to spend time with too many of the parents from Rebel and I've made a nice friendship with her. So it was an incredibly good time. I'd do it again this weekend if it weren't for the fact that yeah, it's going to rain.

Geoff got off to an incredibly bumpy start at Rebel, and it was heartbreaking for me because he finished off the academic year strong and well behaved, went to camp and immediately reverted back to Stupid Geoff... acting inappropriately and saying inappropriate things.

Right now he's on a day to day basis with a behavior contract in place, and if he messes up, he's gone. And he has to go to Camp Grandma for the rest of the summer. Which, I know he does NOT want to do. Keri was kind enough to not throw him out of town, but has made it clear that sometimes kids don't fit the program and the program does not fit kids. And we may have that kid.

But, we'll see how he does, and daily I pray for him, that he holds it together and gets through the day AND gets something out of the program. Please pray for him if you're the praying type, and for his directors who have to work with him.

This past week a lot of people died. I have had a lot of thoughts about Michael Jackson and Farrah, but am not sure how to articulate them in a way that won't offend a lot of people. So I think I'm going to keep the bulk my thoughts to myself on this one. Suffice to say, I believe we're all to be judged when we're dead. Not by the media or the court of public opinion. And some of you don't believe in the afterlife or God as judge the way I do. But. all I have to say is that it would be interesting to be there to hear what judgment is leveled against either of them, or any of the other major celebs who just died for that matter. And our pastor at Church this past weekend did a big sermon on Grace and Forgiveness, and how we are all deserving of such... so I only wonder what happens next.

Something to think about I guess. If you think about those things.

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