Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Black Ice

I felt I needed a break for a couple of days. Sorry for no daily update. It is especially hard when Geoff wants on here to play Reader Rabbit, Doug has reports to write, and Jessica wants to play the online PowerPuff Girls snowboarding game (it's fun, I admit...). I had a lot of housework to do, football to watch, sleep to catch up on... plus Monday was a holiday and that found everyone still here at the house instead of off to their respective schools and out of my newly cut (short, at the shoulders) hair.

Now I find myself on a sunny and bright Tuesday, with about an hour and a half to kill prior to my job interview. So I thought I ought to post a quickie update. Seeing as I have nothing to WEAR to this interview, you'd think I'd be panicking and running around like a freak trying to find something. But I really can't find anything, nothing fits, and I'm not overtly concerned with articles of clothing in the first place. I'll look okay with what I can pull together. And we'll just leave it at that. I'll let you know how it all works out.

Football this weekend for those in concern was simply amazing. Aside from the fact that half the planet disagrees with the call that was made (Brady's non-fumble) which kept the Pats in possession and got them to tie the game and then win it in over time... it was a great game. Played in a full fledged snowstorm, with about 7 inches on the ground by game's end, the game featured runners unable to run, receivers unable to receive, and lots of mistakes. It was old school football, the kind that I remember from my youth. When weather was a player in the game as much as the human athletes themselves were.

Now everyone has a friggin domed stadium and that makes for comfortable conditions, but no fun.

I love football in Foxboro, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Chicago -- places where they haven't eliminated that all too volatile factor - weather.

The Pittsburgh game was also great, and now my two favorite teams square off in the AFC division finals next weekend out in the 'burgh. Can't wait until this weekend!

Green Bay didn't even show up to play the Rams... I mean, they were there but not there. There was no fire in the eyes of Mr. Football, and they got their asses handed to them on a platter and pushed into a bus to trek off from Saint Louie. So the Rams face the Eagles, a team I care nothing for. I predict the Rams win that one, the Steelers win the AFC match up, and February 3rd sees the Steelers and the Rams in the Big Dance in New Orleans, with the Rams victorious.


Let's see if the 'lers can prove me wrong. I think that the Rams' offense is going to walk all over the Steelers' defense... and the Steelers' Offense is no match for the kind of defense the Rams showed this weekend against Green Bay. But, I think it will be a great game. I'm glad the Ravens lost and are out of it, because even though they won the Super Bowl last year they are over rated and lame.

So bring on February 3rd!

Okay, that's my football update. What else. Oh. Geoff misplaced his glasses and did such a good job of misplacing them that I can't find them ANYWHERE in this house. Damn. So now I have to tear it apart.

He had a really crappy weekend behaviorwise. He was so disobedient and got into everything the second we turned our backs. He got punished four times, and on top of losing his glasses he just was a royal pain in the ass.

Jessica had a project due today. She had to build a diorama. It came out okay, but it was so hard to make. She read this book and had to write a report answering a series of questions and then build the diorama based on her favorite part of the book. Well, her favorite part was when the characters all go into a pitch dark evil castle... and it is literally pitch dark. Dark dark dark. I said to her, "how are you going to make a diorama of something that no one can see? Are you going to take an empty black box to school and tell everyone to use their imaginations? Can't you pick another part of the book to represent in the diorama?" She was adamant... so we decided that we'd show what they looked like and she'd write in her report that they are supposed to be not visible to the eye due to the darkness.


It was a great argument though. I love making her think. And I honestly think she thought she could bring a black empty box to school and pass it off as a project. Sneaky girl.

Well, I have to shower. I'll do another entry after the interview to let the world know how it went. Think good thoughts for me... wish me luck.

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