Friday, June 07, 2002

Hoo Hoos revisited... trash can advice

I found out a Hoo Hoo (see the end of yesterday's post) is a pokemon that Geoff invented. It stands on one leg, like this! You can't see me, but trust me, I'm doing it.

Believe you me, I'm relieved it isn't what I thought it could be.

I got email from a friend teaching me how to weigh down the bottoms of the largest sized really sturdy kinds of trash barrels so that the trash guys either have to reach in and take the bags OUT to get them in the truck, or, when they do dump them out, they don't get blown around by the wind.

She also told me my other solution was to let only people like her drive on my street, because she gets out of the car and moves the barrel out of the street for the hapless homeowner. Good for you! I've done that too, but usually only for friends. I'm afraid my car will get rearended by some dumb bastard not paying attention as he comes whipping up behind me.

So normally I don't do such random acts of kindness.

But the suggestion and recommended tips may just be in my future. As Burns would say, "excellent."

This is a quickie... I'm needing to jump in shower and dress boy so we can dart up to Maine to get my Natalie and so that Geoff can play with Pete for a while (up at the Hydeaway) and I'll be bringing Natalie home with me this afternoon so that she can sleep over and do Jessie's birthday with her.

Should be fun.

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