Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life without kids

So Jess is at college, and Geoff had gone camping with his boy scout troop. Saturday night we had dinner with my roommate from college and her husband. We met in Salem at the Howling Wolf, which is owned by Rebel parents so we try and go there as often as we can. I think I've gone four times since they opened. Great food and if you're in Salem -- go go go. Anyway, dinner was lovely, we sat and chatted over burritos and beers. We then went to Marblehead and sat on top of Castle Rock and watched the cruise ships sitting out on the water. Four of them are floating out there... seemed so surreal to me.

Chris and Laurel headed home then, and Doug and I checked in on Keri's dogs. I knew the house sitters were out for the evening and I'd arranged for someone to come take them out for a walk and pee/poo/feed at 6pm but I wanted to see them anyway. I also wanted Doug to meet them, and heck, since we were there... right?

I'm glad I stopped in Matilda had pee'd in front of the bathroom door. So I cleaned all of that up, and we played ball in the yard for 10 minutes until she stopped and laid down by my feet. Doug and I talked about Keri and what happens next for her after she's done in Siberia. Things on this end with her house and the dogs are settled down nicely, and I guess we just wait for her to come home. But what happens then?

We drove home and got up this morning for church. It was our annual Historical Reenactment where our pastor dresses up as George Whitefield and does an abbreviated version of one of his famous sermons. A bunch of people in the congregation also dressed up so it was really cute. Pictures on the front steps of the church, and it was such a to-do that some guy pulled his car over, jumped out and started taking pictures. So I introduced him to one of our elders and had Steve give him the ten cent tour, including the trip up to the steeple. I'm hoping the guy was happy that his spontaneous action resulted in a visit to a steeple overlooking a wonderful town.

Doug and I came home and watched football. We had a great time chatting and watching and just being together. Geoff eventually came home and took his homework upstairs, and I didn't hear a peep from him. I took a nap, and then he and I passed each other in the hall at 9pm.

It was weird to just be me and Doug.

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