Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekend Plans

I am so excited. This weekend is the first time I get my daughter back from college. It is the longest I've been without her. Getting used to her being so far away has been hard on my heart, and on our dishes because like, no one likes doing the dishes.

Jess is taking the Chinese Bus from Pittsburgh to NYC, leaving from right in front of her dorm (no lie, that's where the Chinese bus leaves from) at 12:30am. She arrives in Chinatown in Manhattan at 6:30am. She then will take the train to my sister's house. I'm meeting here there on Saturday Morning, planning on leaving here myself at 7am... and we're going down to Philly to see 'Henry V' with our friend Alex Harvey on cast. Alex directed Jess in Rebel in "Midsummer" and "Lear" and is just a wildly amazing stupendous guy.

If you live in or around Philly, please go see Henry V at the Sedgwick, done by the Quintessence Theatre Group. I can't wait to see Alex acting, and I'm psyched to share this with her.

We head home Sunday, which is 10-10-10. Longtime readers of this blog know I'm a big fan of the annual Salem Massachusetts Zombie Walk. Which will take place 10-10-10.... and we'll be there for that.

Lurching begins at 5pm at Collins Cove, if you're local.

We'll then come back here for 8pm and a bonfire with Jess' friends. Their heads are exploding, they miss her so much. I know how they feel.

Monday we have no plans, we're going to hang out as a family, and I hope go out to dinner somewhere that makes everyone happy.

I bought Jess a plane ticket for Tuesday morning, and by noon she'll be back on campus.

I'm looking forward to this in the biggest way humanly possible. It'll be busy, and a lot of driving. And I need to get past this weekend and figure out what we're doing with Thanksgiving and her life for Winter break. But for right now, wow. It's going to be a blast of a weekend.

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