Thursday, November 18, 2010

A First World Problem...

So tonight we had Boy Scouts. It was great. I did a board of review, I made announcements, and a bunch of moms put together things to go with the wreaths that the boys have sold. We had a lot of fun. I love the scout moms.

Doug had to be at his sleep study at 8:30pm. He called me in the middle of the board of review I was doing. I answered quickly and told him I'd call him back in 30 seconds.

I did and he never picked up. I didn't even get his voice mail. It was weird. So he left without me saying goodbye and good luck. I can't text him, I can't email him, I can't call him. And this is weird.

We got home from Scouts and Geoff pretty much went straight to bed. He's usually exhausted after these meetings. I settled down to drink beers and watch football.

My laptop crashed.


Blue screen of death, rebooting, doing weird stuff, not starting the virus scan (telling me it was disabled, even after I enabled it).

Finally, it just went black. Poof. Done. Gone. It sounds like it is running but the screen is black.

I got this laptop for free a couple years ago from my sister. I just said this morning that I felt it was time to back up all the photos and make sure it was all set in case something happened.

It must have heard me and decided to die.

Call is in to my friend Gerry. We'll see if he can help. The last time this happened it was our upstairs PC, which he couldn't even get to boot from a disk. That was toast. Completely fubar. So I'm hoping this isn't as bad. I just want the photos and websites backed up.

I do not have the money to go buy an new PC. I need a new couch more than I need a new laptop. Doug has sat the hell out of his part of the couch... it's busted and basically he now has to sit on a bunch of pillows. Mind you, we got this couch for free four and a half years ago from Geoff's den mother, who decided the couch had been sat the hell out of at that point for her. Doug proved that it still had some sitting left in it, but dang yo.

Add to that the fact that our dryer is possessed by Satan and won't stop beeping, and life is a lot of fun here at the Way Out Inn.

I'm totally bitching and moaning about stuff that in the grand scheme of things are not show stoppers. Life continues without the laptop. I just use the upstairs PC (sorry Geoff!). I'm not sure how I'll do web design on a PC that doesn't have web or graphic software on it but ... I have disks for DW2 and Photoshop negative 90 somewhere.

All told... fingers are crossed that Gerry will take one look at it and say "oh yeah, your thingamawhatsie is all combobulated." And that will be that.

Like I said... fingers are crossed.


  1. since I peruse Craig's List furniture often, I can tell you there are lots of couches on there for not much $$. Sure would beat spending thousands on a new one. I got mine on CL and it was basically new.

  2. yes -- your couch is very very nice.
    i've been looking, but CASH is hard at hand. i have a lot of available credit and could buy something at a store but ... don't want to pay seeing as we've worked hard to pay DOWN the balances.

    trying to live a cash-only lifestyle these days...