Sunday, November 07, 2010

I did it....

It took me weeks, but I did it. I managed to go all through the old journal and cut and paste all of my old entries into this format. It took me weeks, but it is finally done.

Apologies to all of you who use an RSS feeder to read this journal, but the insanity is finally over. Thank you for your patience.

Ah, sigh.

It was fun to go through our whole history as a family. I read some of the old entries and rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness, and I also laughed good and hard. I have to double check and make sure I got everything that I have access to, because I really don't want to miss a thing and then delete the old journal.

It would be a shame.

I also still have to go through and read all the "quote of the moment" content because there are little one liner quotes from all of my family members which are really amusing to me. They will all get their own entry once I weed through the journal again.

There is a bunch of content missing because it was on Journalspace... and there are stories that I can't remember that are lost and gone forever. The other day I had lunch with Carrie and she reminded me of a first grade Geoff story. He had reached into his desk and squished up a glue stick. He then pulled his hands out and yelled "I'm all STICKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!"

Carrie said that the guys in her shop know this story and when they get adhesives on their hands they yell that. Invoking the spirit of seven year old Geoff while covered in glue.

I had completely forgotten about that. And it is sad. I am wondering what else I don't remember.

It feels so weird to actually not remember stuff. So I am exceptionally glad I've kept an online journal for this reason. I can access memories. Good and bad. And this is a great thing.

Realizing that I used to write A LOT (not ALOT, because that's not a word) and now I barely write at all it kind of makes me sad. I feel like I've lost all my narratives. I have nothing interesting to say or post. Which is sad. I may have to work on that.

In the mean time, feel free to go back through the archives and enjoy. I know I have.

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