Monday, November 22, 2010

The things we have done, and the things we have left undone

One of my favorite things about being an Episcopalian, when I was one, is general confession in the morning prayer in the Book of Common Prayer. My favorite line is in bold:
ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father; We have erred, and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep. We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts. We have offended against thy holy laws. We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; And we have done those things which we ought not to have done; And there is no health in us. But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, miserable offenders. Spare thou those, O God, who confess their faults. Restore thou those who are penitent; According to thy promises declared unto mankind In Christ Jesus our Lord. And grant, O most merciful Father, for his sake; That we may hereafter live a godly, righteous, and sober life, To the glory of thy holy Name. Amen.
Recognizing that not only do we DO things that are bad, we DON'T do the things we are supposed to do or don't do GOOD things. People always repent or are apologetic for the sins they commit, not the omissions they make.

I've been lazy. I've let a lot of things slide and ignored a lot of things. My daughter is on her way home and my parents are coming to visit. Instead of preparing a friendly, nice, clean, homey house for them... the place is a pig sty.

Sins of omission. Sins of laziness. Sins of procrastination.

I now have about 24 hours to fix 100 hours worth of stuff. Two bathrooms to clean, dining room, kitchen, livingroom to tidy. Pies to bake, cookies to make.

We always have a nice, laid back thanksgiving, but I kind of feel like it is because the house is clean prior to the arrival of guests. This year, not so much.

I got a number of things done today. I had to make an orthodontist appointment for Geoff (his canine teeth are coming in and are ABOVE all his other teeth, which is hysterical...) I had to order wood, because we're getting dangerously low. I needed to grocery shop, for this week and for thanksgiving. Dishes? All of them need washed. Bills to pay? Yeah. Go to the bank and put money in Jess' debit account so she can get home? Knew I had to do it 2 weeks ago, finally went today and did it.

Back when I was younger, running headlong to a deadline inspired me to action. Now? I go to bed.

That told, I'm pleased with what I managed to get done today. I have more to accomplish. And I will go do it.

And when I pray for forgiveness, knowing that the things I've left undone will be smaller than they were at the beginning of the day today, it'll feel good.

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