Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grinching and Snoring

Doug and I did our reading of "The Grinch" in church on Sunday and it went very well. The kids were hanging on every word, and the grown ups loved it. And best of all, our pastor sat there with the biggest smile on his face.

The best part of the morning was how it dovetailed into the Advent calendar. Third Sunday is the "Joy" candle, for Gaudete Sunday... so the whole Joy thing at the end of the Grinch was particularly fitting.

Our message to the kids was that the people down in Whoville probably knew that the Grinch was miserable and they prayed for him for many years... and that the whole Christmas doesn't come in boxes and bags thing is incredibly important. We prayed for people that they may know who are "grinchy" who need love more than they need things, and we prayed for people who are stressed out and upset by the holidays for whatever reason.

It was a good morning. And I love our church.

Back around my birthday, Doug went and did an overnight sleep study at a local hospital. They told him that he was never actually falling asleep, and that his oxygen saturation levels were horribly low. They recommended a CPAP machine for him. Well, he finally had an appointment with the clinic to get it all set up and last night was the first night he used it.

I went into the bedroom and was shocked by how quiet the machine and Doug both were.

Throughout the night, it was weird to hear him breathing back against it (the machine makes whirring noises when sending air and getting breathed back on) and I found that a little distracting. And he rolled over and was breathing against my back at one point -- and the air was like ice, incredibly uncomfortable for me -- but I took a pillow and put it between us and that solved that.

This morning I asked him how he was feeling, he said that he felt fine, slept great. So I hope that this helps him out a lot. And I personally am relieved not to listen to a loud, grinding, noisy piece of machinery, and a loud, grinding, noisy husband.


Friday morning I'm leaving to go get Jess in Pittsburgh. I'm going to wing it for Friday -- possibly stay somewhere along the way with friends or make it all the way to the city and get a hotel. Saturday she has a final, and she'll be done around 3pm. I am going to entertain myself, go to the Carnegie Museum, see the trees, spend some time alone. Saturday night it is dinner with the family, hotel in Monaca, and Sunday morning seeing Elyse and Craig in their Christmas Pageant. Elyse is playing Mary, she's beautiful with long, flowing curly brown hair. Craig is a shepherd, but is jealous of Elyse so he wants to also play Mary. This should be interesting.

We'll either start heading home Sunday night and stop along the way or hang out for another night and do the trip in one fell swoop on Monday. Weather may be a factor for our choice. Cross your fingers for us.

And on that note, I have a lot to do to get ready. We got Geoff a 5 piece drum set for Christmas, and now are trying to decide on where to put it. Rooms need to be cleaned and rearranged if this is to happen... why do I do these things to myself?

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  1. Wait, an actual drum set? Did you know they make electronic versions that you can plug earphones into???