Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hello, Orion.

In the center pane of my window Orion waits for me when I sleepily slip into bed.

The fresh sheets and heavy comforter pulled up to my chin, I place my head on the cold pillow, tilt slightly back, and there he is. His belt is the most spectacular sight in the night sky, his sword points down towards me.

Canis major, the Great Dog follows the hunter, close at his heels. Sirius is its heart, fiercely glowing like only the heart of a true and loyal companion can. He lights the bottom window pane.

With all the leaves gone from the trees, the stars tell me a story each clear night. I feel safe, protected by dog and hunter. The bow is drawn, he is running; running and ready to shoot at whatever ill will is out there against me. For good measure, his dog will also attack and charge at the troubles.

I am reminded of the psalm, "thy rod and thy staff they comfort me," only this is your sword and your arrows defend me. I begin to drift off, the stars continue their transit. And in the morning I look forward to my nightly discussions with him.

Hello, Orion. Nice to see you again. Thank you.


  1. Orion is my favorite constellation (along with Cassiopeia).

  2. mine too. i love cassiopeia. and i like that it can be said two different ways.