Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"No Job For You!"

I got an email from the hospital in Boston where I'd interviewed back at the beginning of December. They've chosen another candidate. I didn't get the job. The interviewer/person who would have been my boss was gracious and said there may be another opening coming up shortly and asked if he could keep my resume on file for that.

Of course you can... thanks.

Initially, if you recall, I had been apprehensive about working in Boston but the idea grew on me. Getting Doug out of bed early/on time so we both could make it into the city was starting to make sense. I had been worried about Geoff being up here in our far away little town solo, but realized that he's made amazing strides as a person and student and most likely would not need for me to be all worried about him. Four years ago, that wouldn't be the case. It was hard enough being 30 minutes away no matter how fast I drove to get back up here to him.

I'm disappointed, and everyone is saying "the right job will come your way, Chris. Don't worry about it!" But we're at the worry about it stage. I think we are going to need to have extensive work done to the furnace, or have it replaced. So we are looking at $5,000 worth of work.

And I have $2000 available credit on my only credit card at this point.


Could use a little mojo at this point, kids. Thanks.

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