Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eagle Court of Honor

Most of you know that I am actively involved in Geoff's Boy Scout Troop. I am on the committee, and am the troop Chaplain. They say that adult volunteers give "an hour a week" but normally it turns out to be a lot more than that, and sometimes entire weekends.

Today, we celebrated the elevation of our latest Eagle Scout. C is the fifth Scout in two years in our troop, which is a lot considering that about 3% of Scouts make it this far.

We have about 28 boys in the troop, so I think our stats are a little higher. We have one boy who is about to present his Eagle Service project next week to the Eagle Review Board. Keri will hopefully be glad to know that he is wants to do a supply drive to benefit Evgeny and his Scout Troop in Kemerovo. We've already been in contact with them and have found out exactly what their needs are... Evgeny's Troop serves the town and the orphans at Keri's special orphanage. When I shared information on Scouting in Siberia with the Troop last year, this boy had it put on his heart that he wanted to help to support them.

I truly hope that the Eagle Review Board agrees that our community extends PAST our town and region, and that this kind of support will make a world of difference. My heart is hopefully. International Scouting efforts are huge right now, so I hope that his project is blessed and that we can get this ball rolling so they have the equipment Evgeny requested before their big trip in August.

It was a really beautiful day today, with C being very shy and modest, almost embarrassed about the attention he was getting. A great meal was had, and I am reminded again how very much I love this bunch of guys and the families associated with this Troop.

The thing that struck me the most was the district commissioner saying that a verb change happens to him today. He can say I was a cub scout, I was in troop XYZ, but he will ALWAYS be able to say "I am an Eagle Scout." That never goes away.

Driving home, Geoff said to me "I can't wait for my Eagle Court of Honor." Each time we go to one of these, he starts to really think about the reality for himself. He has to do a lot of merit badges to catch up, and start thinking about a service project, but as he gets a little older these realities are seeming more and more .... real. He has some great ideas, so I'm glad that our Troop is so active and we have so many older Scouts setting fantastic examples for the ones coming up.

Geoff will advance in rank next week to Star Scout. After that, the next rank is Life Scout... and then ... Eagle.

Please pray for him as he gets closer, that he does not lose his love for this. I think it would be kinda grand.

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  1. I love that Geoff has taken on scouting as an activity as well as a set of goals to aspire to and achieve. And I love that you are his greatest supporter and advocate, Christine. You truly are a champion!