Saturday, February 26, 2011

Suzanne Vega

I'm kind of excited. I won two tickets from a local radio station (the same one I won tickets from to go on the Guster Booze Cruise in 2006 and the Steven Page autographed guitar from a few years ago) to see Suzanne Vega tomorrow night in a local (very local) venue.

Yes, I know that in a previous entry in the journal here I talked about how I don't particularly care for female vocalists. I used a Sheryl Crow song for my example.

There ARE female vocalists that I do like. I didn't name all the names of artists I don't, and artists I do in that entry. Suzanne Vega is one that I do enjoy. I like how she doesn't over sing the crap out of everything (or anything for that matter), I greatly enjoy her songwriting, and her poetry.

I haven't seen a live show since my birthday in November, and before that it was a long time running. I used to go see live music all the time, and this dearth has been sad for me. I greatly enjoy seeing live music, even if I'm not the biggest fan of the band. There is something about watching an artist present his or her wares out onto the stage, and the honesty of that sharing, the reception by the consumer, that I love to see.

Doug and I will go check her out. It's been a great deal of time, probably 25 years, since I've seen her perform. Greatly looking forward to this.

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