Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work and Cold; BOA lawsuit update

This week, I started a part time gig helping out my friend Jo, formerly of Counting Sheep, at her business. She runs a cooking school, and has asked me to help with with office stuff. I think I put in 5 hours this week. I missed Monday and also missed today due to a massive head cold that I'm struggling with.

I tried using a Neti Pot to irrigate my sinuses. I think I either did it wrong or need someone to do it for me, because it was like Self-Waterboarding. Very unpleasant, no fun, and disgusting. I almost threw up afterwards.

Now, I know a lot of people swear by this. I did it specifically because so many friends told me how awesome it was. Let's just say, not everything is for everybody, I guess. At least I gave it a try.

Anyway -- Working with Jo is an absolute joy so far. She's funny as heck, the office is awesome. Her iPod is just jam packed with joyfulness. I'm cranking through things and doing stuff and making myself very happy. I'm glad she asked me to come in and help. I just wish it wasn't an hour away. Or that I had a hovercraft that could bypass all the roads that take one to Newton.

But that said, it's fun and I like it. I just need to be un-sick so I can not suffer from sinus pain and pressure (or, I need to find the right medication cocktail that works) and go to work for 3 straight days.

Yesterday we met with our lawyer to go over what needs done next. I need to produce proof of payment for the last 2 years on our account so I have a call into our bank to get that as a report. We then will submit it back to the credit report agencies as a dispute with the FCRA, the credit report agency will contact the lender (BOA) and say "Is this correct?" BOA will say, no, we're right. The Credit Report agencies will say "BOA claims they are correct and you are not." And then my lawyer said that's when we file the lawsuit. Against the credit agencies and BOA.

About 5 weeks from now we will have a court date, and hopefully will get our way.

In the meantime, I got 2 fedex packages from BOA in the mail on Monday. Both of them were offers to join the Making Home Affordable program.

Then I got three more.

And a fourth.

So a total of six offers to join the Making Home Affordable program came this week, and I felt kind of like Harry Potter must have felt when all the acceptance letters from Hogwarts were flying into the mailbox.

I figured I ought to call them and tell them to knock it off. I didn't get a chance to call, they called me to make sure I got them. When I asked the girl why would they send six of these, she said "we have to make sure you get one, so we send multiple copies."

Again, yet another example of how flat out stupid this company is. Those FedEx envelopes have to be twenty bucks a pop. Thanks for pissing away 120 bucks, guys! They couldn't send it that signature is required instead? Send one copy with confirmation? I'm baffled by how they do things. So inefficient and stupid. I hate them. So I told her that my attorney was getting copies of the documentation. She yelled at me and told me that I had to respond by March 15th or the offer was off the table. I told her that was fine. Thanks. Whatever. I hate you people.

Anyway. That's where we are right now. I'm going to go back to bed because my head is killing me.


  1. I was told (by my ENT and others) that I should use a neti pot for alleriges. I too failed at it. No clue how it's supposed to actually "work" but my experience was the same as yours. Useless, unpleasant and stupid. So you are not alone!

  2. I thought of you this week. We've started receiving the same packages from BOA. Thing is, we don't have a mortgage with them. We did have one until 2008, when we sold our house in preparation to move cross country. They're sending them to us in California at an address where we rent, and our home we had the mortgage on was in Atlanta. I pulled up our credit reports and there's nothing on them, yet. Contacting them hasn't helped, either. When I say we don't have a mortgage with you, they say we've missed four payments. Then I say, no we haven't, we don't have a mortgage. Then they say they need to see the payment for the last four months...I have an appointment to speak with someone next week. I have a sinking feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.

  3. amy - i am glad to know i'm not the only one. i'm thinking that doing it solo is the mistake, perhaps having help would work. maybe we should have a neti pot party??? heh.

    WD -- hoooooooooolllleeeeeeeeshite. that's no fun.crap. super crap. i hate these people. so much.

  4. Right back attcha! Love having you in the office! It's so nice to have someone to bounce ideas of of. I just wish your commute were shorter.