Sunday, March 13, 2011

And back she goes...

Jess went back to Pittsburgh yesterday morning.

I had a moment of "duh, not winning" when Doug told me that the ticket I bought her was for a 7am bus. My options to get her home, or I should say back, were a 7am bus and a 10am bus. I thought I picked the 10am bus. Then I realized that the 10am bus had a huge long layover in NYC and then she had to go to Baltimore first, which was stupid.

On a plane, not such a big deal. On a bus, going 5 hours out of your way to get home is just wrong. So I opted for the earlier bus. We'd get up early. We'd have no problem.

Then we realized afterward that her return date was Daylight Savings Time. We lost an hour of life thanks to the dreaded time change.


So, I knew we'd have to get up at 5:15am to be ready and coherent and organized. But in reality our brains and bodies thought it was 4:15am.

Stupid me.

But, long and the short of it is that we got her there, she went, and she arrived. Safe and sound, at 11pm.

Doug and I went to breakfast at 7am at the South Street Diner, around the corner from the bus station. It was a little pricey, kind of dirty, but had an amazingly fun staff and a nice feel to it. Pancakes should never cost $7.00 though. That was a little insane. We sat and drank coffee and watched the city wake up. I watched Jess' bus go down the zoomy ramp out of the bus station and off into history. I was a little sad. And tired because my body was off kilter.

A man walked into the diner wearing a knit cap that looked like an eggplant.

It made my day.

He had little rectangular glasses on, and a strange overcoat, and this ridiculous purple knit cap with leaves on the top knitted on. He stood in the middle of the restaurant reading the menu. The waitress asked if he wanted to order something to go, and he said "no, for here." Uh, then why aren't you sitting? Because you want us all to see your hat.

I looked at Doug, he looked at me. I gave him the "look over there quick" glance, and he looked slightly confused. I raised my eyebrows, did it again a little slower, and he looked.

And he started to laugh so hard the table was shaking. I put my hands over my face, and he whispered laughing "that's awesome." And it was. It truly was. I want that hat.

But it is his hat, his awesome over the top of his strange face with the rectangle glasses hat. I hope he enjoys wearing it for a couple more good cold days.

Jess got back to Pittsburgh at 11:15pm. Such a long trip. If we were driving, leaving at 7am, we would have been there by 5pm. I felt bad for her. She went on Greyhound this time, and they tout that they have wifi but you can't really pull your laptop out when the bus is packed. She didn't use it on the bus. I think we'll stick with the Chinese bus, as long as they promise not to fall over sideways and get sliced in half by a pole.

There's more to update, I have a shoulder story. I'm having fun at work, which we've decided to call "awesome." And on that note, I need to go to bed so I can get up for "awesome" in the morning.

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