Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We do not call this "work." We call this "awesome."

Today I went to work. I work a couple days a week for my friend Jo at her company in Newton called Create A Cook.

I do office support, help her with phones, and general stuffs.

I decided this isn't work per se. This is "awesome."

For instance, we are having an event in May where we are partnering with Harpoon Brewery to do a food and beer pairing night. Jo is testing items for the menu, and pretty much every day she whips up stuff for us to test and decide if we like it.

So we've had delicious pork loin in delicious beer reduction sauces. Today we had an unbelievable crostini with butterbeans and trout on top, and we had a special "BLT," in the form of tomato soup with crostini and a a bacon bourbon jam on top.

I have done some graphic work, and put a mess of programs up on line. I feel awake and alive when I'm there.

I miss having a full time job.

But for the most part, this little part-time shindig brings me such amazing joy.

If you live in/near Boston, you need to check out Create A Cook and take a class. Or come to our May 12th beer event.

It is only gonna kind of rule.

In other news, I miss doing the 30 day song challenge. I think about songs a lot that I want to write about. But I need someone to give me some sort of writing prompts to write about.

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