Sunday, March 27, 2011

What happened to Dave?

So after yesterday's too much information entry, I left one piece of information out that a few commenters brought to my attention.

After I left the pub, what happened to Dave?

Well, I called his wife Theresa when I realized there was no way on earth I was going back to the bar to pick him up; that it wasn't simply a change my pants and go back and finish lunch kind of thing. Theresa called our friend Jen, who went to the pub to hang out with Dave until Theresa could get there from her office. They both called me and let me know that Dave was fine, and that all was well and good on their end.

I was rather embarrassed at the circumstances of my departure, but Dave is rather understanding. Having gone through some serious and crazy medical stuff a few years back, he was cool with it.

So he's good.

And our next Friday pub visit will be less adventurous, I'm sure.

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