Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer Plans for Geoff...

Geoff had applied to a local agricultural/tech high school and didn't get accepted. He found out in mid March, and was rather upset, but he took it rather well in the end. He seems to have accepted the fact that he is going to our local regional high school., and I've tried to get him focused on making the best of a situation that he didn't want to be in.

He told me today that he wants to sign up for football, and fall sport sign ups are this Monday night. He played a few years back, if you recall, and he enjoyed it greatly but then up and quit for 7th grade. He figured he would be too busy with academics to make time for sports. So I was kind of glad to hear that he was willing to do this. He needs to do something, to integrate with other kids and get "into" high school.

I'm trying to convince him that he also needs to do band, percussion ensemble, theatre. Something. He's good at these things but has not done them in middle school, even though kids have asked him to join and be part of things.

Hopefully he'll come around.

This summer he is doing the July program for Rebel, and I have him signed up for the August program too, but he told me that may not work if he makes the team. Practices start in Mid August.

"I have a lot to consider and think about, it seems," he said to me in the car yesterday.

All told, I'm glad he's thinking about things.

He is two Eagle required merit badges away from the last rank before Eagle, Life Scout. He has about 4 hours of community service, 2 Eagle required badges and 2 non-Eagle required. He is getting 2 badges (so far) at the next Court of Honor. I like that he's totally put himself into Boy Scouts the way he has. He's only 14, so he's got plenty of time to achieve Eagle. But he is totally gunning for that.

He told me he wanted a job this summer, but with Rebel and maybe Football (maybe), there would be no time for that this year. He's a little more ambitious than Jess, who never wanted a job at 14...

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