Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Saw Today

Today I saw several dozen very dorky, self-conscious boys and girls walking across a stage to receive academic awards and certificates of completion of 8th grade. Two kids taking home the gold and silver medals in each academic category. This made for a big snoozefest for everyone in the audience.

I saw SEVERAL girls in very short skirts, or dresses that had their boobies pushed up and out like they were porn stars (I'm not kidding) and some very high heels. And some very short skirts. I saw at least three boys who obviously didn't give a crap about dressing like this was some sort of occasion of note, and at least three boys who over did it.

I saw several dozen kids who didn't receive awards for any academic feats but still had huge smiles on their faces when all was said and done. I also saw a social studies teacher who I am going to miss the hell out of, because he will not be in either of my kids' lives anymore. That made me very sad.

Congratulations to Geoffrey and all his friends who "graduated" today. Onward, some to different schools and others to our district high school. Wherever the road is taking you... be well, happy, and the best kid you can be.

In four years, you'll be the best adults you'll be.

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