Friday, June 24, 2011

A Whitewater Adventure

So tomorrow morning bright and early, Doug and I are taking Geoff and joining the Boy Scout Troop in way hella northern Maine for some shenanigans whitewater rafting.

Personally, Doug and I will not be rafting... we're just going for the fun/camping/fellowship. And because I've just had the shittiest couple of weeks and really need to get away.

My prayer right now is that the rain/drizzle just stops. It doesn't have to be sunny/gorgeous/90 degrees and awesome. Just .... not raining. I don't mind if it rains while I am sleeping in my tent. I would just like it to be dry while Doug and I do a little hiking, maybe some canoeing.

The boys are going over some serious rapids, I have no interest in getting dumped out of a raft and soaking wet in a freezing cold river. I do have quite an adventurous spirit, but as of late just haven't been of the mindset to participate in such. I just want a nice quiet hike with Doug, in the non-pouring rain.

If it pours, I have no idea what we're even going to do to entertain ourselves. There is just so much sitting in the tent reading a book that I want to do.

So cross your fingers, lift a prayer. This girl needs a ray of sunshine and a break.

Edit 8pm:
And something else for you to cross your fingers for me over -- I just got my period, which means by Sunday it should be maybe kind of super not fun for me if the pattern continues. Great. Awesome. Super. Meh.

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