Thursday, June 02, 2011

XX anniversary

Yesterday marked our 20th wedding anniversary. In years past here on the blog, I've only mentioned the event a couple times out of ten years of writing. Usually writing about how we went out to dinner. My favorite was a few years ago when Geoff argued with us about going out to dinner (we always have been too cheap to pay for a sitter, combined with wanting to spend time with them as part of our celebration).

Now that they're older, much, we didn't take them out with us this year. We went to a little restaurant in Haverhill that we've wanted to go to for a while. It was hotter than heck in there due to the weather (very hot, very humid... and June 1, 2011 will be remembered as the day of four tornadoes in western Massachusetts). We ate dinner and left without dessert.

Both of us were rather quiet, not a lot to talk about really. I've mentioned that our lives feel like they are no fun at all lately and I think that it has carried through to even those life moments that are supposed to be fun. On top of that, feeling horribly overheated while sitting in a restaurant is no fun.

In years past, I had always thought that we would take a trip for our twentieth anniversary, go back to Nova Scotia where we had our honeymoon and retrace our trip, the places that we saw, and do it with our kids. That simply isn't to be this year and it makes me kind of sad. Not having a job, not having the ability to pay for a trip with some expendable income, and the pending loss of our house if we don't win our lawsuit against BOA really put a damper on the fun life that Doug and Chris used to lead.

That said, I know for a fact it could be worse, totally.

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